Gigs attended

In no particular order for now, dates, times, info and photos to add if and/or when I find the time/inclination

[International bands]
[1996 some time]
Primus [denied, too young] – The Powerstation [we sat outside and listened to the whole gig after flogging off our tickets]
Morbid Angel  – The Powerstation [first gig, very dark]
Napalm Death – The Powerstation [packed!]
Brutal Truth – The Powerstation [met the band and had stuff signed at Real Groovy Records, took a photo too]
Fear Factory – The Powerstation [diverse crowd]
Misery – The Kings Arms [biggest door stamp, gear failure]
Pungent Stench – The Kings Arms [Alex playing with his laptop in the garden bar, gear failure multiple times]
Pungent Stench – The Safari Lounge [weird venue]
Fantomas – The Powerstation [promo CD and poster]
Fantomas – The Powerstation [Dave let a guy in the crowd hit a drum with his drum stick!]
Nasum – The Kings Arms [farewell tour]
Impiety – The Kings Arms [meet and greet, got autographs]
Goatwhore – The Kings Arms [meet and greet, got autographs, yakked with Louis in the carpark]
Exodus – The Kings Arms [very tight set, pros at work]
Melvins – The Kings Arms [most distorted bass ever, apparently they had two rigs?!]
Deicide – The Staircase [Glen’s bass broke, he was mad as hell, lots of shaved heads in the crowd, myself included]
*The Last Friday 13th Of The Millennium: 13 bands, 13 hours – The Powerstation [drank 2 x 1.5 litre bottles of Top Secret]
Marduk – The Kings Arms [sort of met one of the dudes out the front]
Kyuss Lives! – The Powerstation [venue changed due to the earthquake in Christchurch, Fri 13th gig, probably my favourite gig ever]
Marduk – The Kings Arms Tuesday January 20th 2015 with Skuldom and Pervertor

Thur Apr 2013
Rotten Sound – The Winchester [a fun gig, first time at this venue too]

Tues Oct 29th 2013
Behemoth – The Studio

[Local bands, including support, excluding the *Fri 13th gig]
8 Foot Sativa
Just One Fix
Exordium Mors
Winter Deluge
+ more…


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