My avatar revealed

16 Feb

No great secret but I have kept it to myself for many years.
Anyway if you’ve wondered what it was – it’s some African wooden carved figure [specifically the headdress, worn on the back of the head]
Photo taken from behind the figure inside Auckland War Memorial Museum, lest we forget…



In from Invictus

25 Jan

Finally found the time/inclination to add and update this lot

Darkspace – Dark Space III [ITA, repress?] good, I liked this almost as much as I [new to Discogs]
Darkspace – Dark Space II [ITA, repress?] interesting stuff, didn’t really grab me like I or III though [new to Discogs]
Diocletian – Doom Cult [IRE] another different repress [new to the Discogs crack den]
Genocide Shrines – Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil: Scriptures Of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder [CAN] this is excellent, unique and engaging stuff!
Grave Desecrator – Deathspells Rising [BRA, comp] this is just a collection of old demos and live stuff, I’m only a casual fan so this doesn’t do much for me, Sign of Doom I like though
Putrevore – Macabre Kingdom [SPA] oh hell yes! this is wicked, my first Putrevore album
Vader – Morbid Reich [POL, 2015 demo reissue] wicked, old Vader slays hard
Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros [IRE] not for me, evidently this is pretty hard to get too

Pick of the litter: Genocide Shrines, this is some refreshing, unique and totally UNgeneric black/death/war metal, highly recommended! this is even better than the EP – say that album name 10 times quickly ha ha


From Japan

20 Jan

This arrived today, so stoked! it’s a wicked gatefold with 3 CDs, much more my cuppa tea than the Digipak

Burning Witch ‎– Crippled Lucifer (10 Psalms For Our Lord Of Light)


Towers… 1996
Rift.Canyon.Dreams 1997
Burning Witch 1996 Demo
Burning Witch Live At Pioneer Theatre, Seattle 1996



Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros tapes

4 Jan

I only have 5 Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros tapes left

SAM_3035Beheaded Ouroboros tapes

MA swap

27 Dec

MA swap from a week or so ago

Bongripper – Hate Ashbury [CAN, ltd ed] not bad, needs another listen
Graves At Sea/Sourvein [US, split] needs another listen
Saint Vitus – C.O.D. [GER, original] more quality SV, not sure about the vocals…
The Puritan – Lithium Gates [FIN, comp of both albums] killer, this is just the best kind of doom



21 Dec

Got these from one of the guys in the band

Khanate – Capture & Release [US, Digipak]
Khanate – Clean Hands Go Foul [US, Digipak, Obi]
Khanate – It’s Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky [US, reissue, bag]
Khanate – Khanate [JPN, 2CD, Gatefold, ltd ed, reissue]


ex Discogs

21 Dec

SAM_3027A couple of weeks ago from Discogs

Cobalt – Eater Of Birds [CAN, Digipak] I have every single album now
Cobalt – Gin [CAN, not the misspelled on the spines version] this rules, high quality stuff
Iron Monkey – Iron Monkey [US, Earache] double up
Order From Chaos – And I Saw Eternity [US, slimline case] wicked, I have a fair bit of original OFC now but mostly I just want Stillbirth Machine
Sorrow – Forgotten Sunrise [NED, ep] I paid too much for this but it’s not bad


20 Dec

Malevolent Creation – Stillborn [EUR, original] accidental double up



17 Dec

Picked these up from Burning World, second order from them, easy to deal with

Conan – Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 [NED, Digipak] live Conan is good Conan
Wino – Live At Roadburn 2009 [NED, Digipak] awesome, I haven’t heard his ‘solo’ stuff before


cd tape

8 Dec

Bought from a seller in NZ

Demolition Hammer – Necrology: A Complete Anthology [GER, 2 CD] 2 CDs? not 3 CDs? oh cool, they chopped my favourite album in half and stuck half on each disc, sucky

Excruciate/Epitaph – split [Tape, white text] pretty awesome stuff, bought it on a whim [new to Discogs]


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