This page is about international postage, prices are in USD [American Dollars]

I remove the jewel case to save you postage by default because it’s cheaper to buy another jewel case locally than to pay the extra postage [this excludes Digipaks or cardboard sleeves like promos or if you just want the case, say if it’s a Super jewel box] a standard CD only costs $3 to post worldwide, insured.
Insured does not mean registered, registered will cost $14 [I can only fit 1 CD in the registered bag]
The CDs will be carefully sandwiched between cardboard and layered with tissue paper.

Often I can send 2 CDs or sometimes more for $3 if the booklets aren’t too thick, if you want to get really frugal I can send separate packages, which can be cheaper than sending them all in one ‘parcel’.
These should fit in a regular mailbox, a mail slot if you are in an apartment or will slide under your door.
They won’t have customs declaration labels so don’t look like they are worth stealing and will be delivered by the postman not a courier, some people follow couriers around to pinch unguarded parcels, they will only see a postman delivering mail

Items larger than 260mm x 385mm, thicker than 10mm and/or heavier than 200 grams are classified as parcels not letters and the postage goes up to $10 then incrementally from there by weight.
I can quote any shipping options, just ask me, the short version is I will take my time packing things to get the best postage rate.

If your local post office has an over the counter customer collection service I’m more than happy to send it there instead.
I’m also happy to send it to a business address like your workplace.
All packages [parcels/letters] will be sent from the post office, never from a drop box on the street, I will always obtain a receipt and will take a photo of the parcel on the counter in the post office, if I’m sending a ‘parcel’ I will also have a copy of the customs declaration, everything will have a return address on it.
I will send copies of these files and documents to you as proof of sending the goods.

If your parcel doesn’t arrive in say 2 months [NZ to Ecuador took 65 days] this is how I deal with it:
I contact NZ Post by email and fill out their online form, they post out a document in the mail to us both [your form goes to the same address you gave for the parcel, not a different one!] we both complete and return them by mail to them by free post, then they make a decision whether to refund me, when I get my refund from NZpost, you get yours.

All mail is insured to $250 NZD [approx $210 USD] by default, no extra insurance has to be purchased but you can if you like.









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