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Discogs july 15

15 Jul

From a Discogs seller

Autopsy – Macabre Eternal [UK, slipcase, I’ve wanted this for ages, killer artwork]
Corrosion Of Conformity – Deliverance [US, DIDP matrix, these guys are playing here this Sunday]
Down – Diary Of A Mad Band: Europe In The Year Of VI [original US version, CD+DVD, not for me and in fact already on its way to the new owner so not in the photo]
Mastodon – Call Of The Mastodon [US, ripping, old Mastodon, the very best kind this is excellent]
Orange Goblin – A Eulogy For The Damned [US, not bad, needs more listens]
Primus – Green Naugahyde [US, ATO/Prawn Song Digipak version, this is really quite good]
Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder [US, slipcase version REV/CA matrix, not too sure I like this, maybe I need to play it louder] new to Discogs
The Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live [US, live album, good of old and new stuff]
The Melvins – The Bride Screamed Murder [US, these guys are hit and miss, this is a miss… especially the awful The Who cover]
Wormrot – Abuse [UK, 2010 reissue, fairly violent grindcore, needs more plays]



shop haul from last week

9 Jul

From the shop last week, I’m not that excited about most of it and about half of it goes straight to my trade list… oh dear how sad never mind, such is life eh!

Agathodaimon – Serpent’s Embrace [GER, enhanced single CD version] [new to Discogs]
Altamont – Civil War Fantasy [US, 2 ladies fighting cover not the ‘gallows’ cover, this sounds so different to the Acid King split stuff I got recently]
Autopsy – The Tomb Within [UK, super jewel box, more hippy slaying DM from the masters, nice artwork too]
Catharsis / Newspeak – Live In The Land Of The Dead / The Flood And The Storm [BRA, hardcore/punk/grind]
Condemned? – Condemned 2 Death [US, double CD of hardcore/grind/punk]
Confrontation – Confrontation [GER, compilation of all their music on 1 CD, put out after the band ripped off the label?!]
Dismal Euphony – All Little Devils [GER, not even close to anything I like]
Faith No More – The Real Thing [AUS, original, one of my favourite albums from way back when]
Infernal Execrator / Imperial Tyrants split – MCBL Heathen Blood Cult [US, fairly generic black/death, needs another listen]
Killing Joke – Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! [EUR, decent compilation of KJ stuff]
Neurosis – The Eye Of Every Storm [EUR with slipcase, I like the artwork at least]
Old Man Gloom – Christmas / Christmas Eve Part I+II + 6 [JP, double CD which is evidently quite valuable, pretty decent post metal/doom core metal stuff, disc 2 especially]
Prophanity – Stronger Than Steel [UK, Dissection-y black/death]
Psycroptic – Ob(Servant) [AUS, limited edition Digipak with AAA Summer Slaughter laminated pass, not my thing] [new to Discogs]
Rev. Kriss Hades – The Wind Of Orion Pyramids Of War [AUS/NZ, 2006 reissue, not bad at least there are a couple of SAD EX tracks on here…]
The House Of Capricorn – The Rivers And The Rain [NZ, CD-r EP, competent NZ metal band, I got another album of theirs last week too, members of Ulcerate are in this band by the way]

Dieselboy – projectHUMAN [US, killer 2 CD mixed album, who says USA can’t do good DnB, all Dieselboy stuff I have here is top notch]
Gotan Project – Lunático [RUS, licensed version woops, cool music though] [new to Discogs]
Klute – Breakbeat Science Exercise.003 [really good DnB mix by Klute]
Kruder & Dorfmeister – DJ-Kicks [GER, not bad, I was hoping it would be more DnB than it is though]


Deep Purple – Deep Purple In Rock [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Queen – A Kind Of Magic [AUS/NZ, evidently quite rare and valuable] [new to Discogs]
Roger Waters – Radio Kaos [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Soundgarden – Down On The Upside [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses [GER, original, black tape]


large haul

23 Jun

Got this great big pile of awesome stuff from my local wicked music shop, took an age to add and update them all!
Some of this goes straight to my trade list for various reasons…

1349 – Demonoir [NOR, original Indie Recordings, I have the double CD with the cover songs too]
Abigail – The Early Black Years: 1992-1995 [a few covers and some very black metal]
Acid King / Altamont Split [US, some excellent stoner doom here, I’ve not heard [of] Altamont before]
Anatomia / Grudge / Coffins – DDDH – Doomed To Death, Damned In Hell [ITA, 3 way death/grind split]
Angelcorpse – Exterminate [Original! not hard to find but I’ve wanted it for an age]
Aura Noir – Hades Rise [original Digipak, more ripping black thrash]
Autopsy – Shitfun [UK, original! I’ve wanted this for a while]
Beherit – Beast Of Beherit – Complete Worxxx [FIN, really cool compilation, probably my favourite release of theirs]
Black Witchery – Upheaval Of Satanic Might [US, Red Stream version, accidental purchase I thought I didn’t have it]
Bulletbelt – Down In The Cold Of The Grave [NZ, black/thrash metal band from NZ, really good live, Nick Keller artwork too, nice]
Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy [Original! looks like I can flick off my reissues now]
Convulse – Inner Evil [FIN, only an EP but it’s cool, pity someone folded the booklet]
Darkspace – Dark Space I [ITA, reissue in slipcase but the silver disc not the black one, whoah this is excellent, I must have played this 8 times since I got it] new to Discogs
Electric Wizard – Let Us Prey [US, wicked but I think I have another copy on the way too, oops]
Godflesh – Slavestate [2009 reissue, part of the 3 CD box but only Slavestate]
Hate Eternal – Fury & Flames [US, easily my favourite HE album, I’m yet to hear Phoenix Amongst The Ashes though, I have 2 copies of this now]
High On Fire – The Art Of Self Defense [original, I have the second reissue too, with the cool Eagle]
The House Of Capricorn – Sign Of The Cloven Hoof [NZ, fairly solid NZ metal band, needs some more listens]
Jungle Rot – Fueled By Hate [original Olympic version]
Krieg – The Black House [this had been in the shop for ages and I kept skipping over it because the spines didn’t look very metal ha ha it’s pretty solid BM, cool intro to]
Lust Of Decay – Kingdom Of Corpses [US, I don’t usually go for goregrind but this isn’t bad, Deicide cover too]
Malevolent Creation – Envenomed [this is basically Envenomed II with the 3 bonus songs, Dark Angel cover and 2 demo tracks, but with the old packaging – standard jewel case, I have the original too]
Method Of Destruction – Dictated Aggression [UK, solid, sounds like MOD]
Monster Magnet – God Says No [EUR, advance copy in a slimline jewel case]
Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer + Natasha [CD/DVD, I have 2 copies of this now]
Prong – Scorpio Rising [SPA, solid and I seem to know all the songs, interesting]
Prong – The Peel Sessions [Dutch East India Trading version with the orange cover, I have 2 copies of this now]
Pungent Stench – Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats [Uncensored Version II, I have 2 copies of this now]
Scott Kelly – Spirit Bound Flesh [Digipak, not my cup of tea at all]
Strapping Young Lad – No Sleep ‘Till Bedtime – Live In Australia [AUS, original Australian version]
Unsane – Wreck [latest slab of noise from the masters, good stuff too]



Feb 11 epic haul

26 Feb

Abomination ‎– Debut [original]
Abominog ‎– Manifesting Void [original + demo tracks from Resting In Your Grave]
Abscess ‎– Damned And Mummified [US Red Stream]
Abscess ‎– Tormented [US Deathvomit]
Abyssic Hate ‎– Eternal Damnation [original, evidently this is quite valuable! 46/500]
Accidental Suicide ‎– Deceased [EUR, original]
Acheron ‎– Anti-god, Anti-christ [BRA, reissue]
Acid Bath ‎– Paegan Terrorism Tactics [original Rotten, stoked to finally have these 2, I’ve wanted them for ages]
Acid Bath ‎– When The Kite String Pops [original Roadrunner]
Alchemist ‎– Austral Alien [Relapse, hole punched barcode, pen mark on booklet]
Alchemist ‎– Organasm [original, Chatterbox/Phantom] new to Discogs
Alchemist ‎– Spiritech [original, water damaged booklet]
Anatomy ‎– The Witches Of Dathomir [AUS, Bleed Records version]
Atheist ‎– Piece Of Time [2000 Newtown Music reissue with bonus songs, almost as valuable as an original one, fantastic album, but you knew that]
Atrocity ‎– Infected / The Art Of Death [both albums on 1 CD, good stuff]
Atrocity ‎– Todessehnsucht [original or an old repress, I’ve wanted this for years]
Aura Noir ‎– Black Thrash Attack [original Malicious Records, good stuff and evidently quite valuable]
Aura Noir ‎– Deep Tracts Of Hell [original Hammerheart]
Autopsy ‎– Acts Of The Unspeakable [US original, half the booklet has been cut off ffs]
Autopsy ‎– Severed Survival + Retribution For The Dead [1994 version in a jewel case, I have a newer remastered Digipak version too that I may trade]
Belphegor ‎– Infernal Live Orgasm [excellent live album]
Benediction ‎– Grind Bastard [GER, original]
Benediction ‎– Organised Chaos [GER, original]
Benediction ‎– Subconscious Terror [GER, digipak reissue + Dark Is The Season]
Benediction ‎– The Dreams You Dread [GER, original]
Bestial Mockery ‎– Gospel Of The Insane [Osmose]
Blood Red Throne ‎– Monument Of Death [US version] new to Discogs
Candlemass ‎– Nightfall [Powerline reissue + bonus disc, killer album!]
Cianide ‎– A Descent Into Hell [original GER Bullet Proof/Red Light, rear cover a little wavy, not a concern for this classic]
Cianide ‎– Divide And Conquer [original GER Merciless]
Cianide ‎– Hell’s Rebirth [original From Beyond]
Cianide ‎– The Dying Truth [original Grind Core! yes, not I have 2, pity this one has a pen mark in the booklet though]
Crowbar ‎– Odd Fellows Rest [US, not bad, has an Iron Maiden cover] new to Discogs
Dark Angel ‎– Darkness Descends [original Combat]
Death Angel ‎– The Ultra-Violence [old repress] new to Discogs
Deceased ‎– Fearless Undead Machines [original]
Deceased ‎– Luck Of The Corpse [original]
Deceased ‎– The Blueprints For Madness [original, water damaged booklet]
Deceased ‎– The Radiation Years [compilation, I have 12 Deceased albums]
Defiled ‎– Ugliness Revealed [Japanese super heavy DM, but I don’t need 2]
Desecration ‎– Gore And PerVersion 2
Destruction ‎– Release From Agony [GER, repress]
Dismember ‎– Death Metal [US original]
Dismember ‎– Indecent And Obscene [US original]
Dissection ‎– Storm Of The Light’s Bane [GER, original, BOD matrix]
Engorged ‎– Death Metal Attack 2 [with 10 bonus track from Death Metal Attack]
Entombed ‎– Left Hand Path [original]
Evildead ‎– Annihilation Of Civilization [EUR, original, water damaged but intact]
Exhorder ‎– Slaughter In The Vatican [EUR, original!]
Gomorrah ‎– Caress The Grotesque [not too bad, ‘Inanimate’ is way better] new to Discogs
Gomorrah ‎– Reflections Of Inanimate Matter [Black Mark reissue to replace my greatly damaged one, also a Black Mark reissue]
Gospel Of The Horns ‎– Realm Of The Damned [IRE, Invictus]
Gospel Of The Horns ‎– Sinners / Monuments Of Impurity [jewel case version] new to Discogs
Hobbs Angel Of Death ‎– Hobbs’ Angel Of Death [2003 reissue]
Hobbs Angel Of Death ‎– Hobbs’ Satan’s Crusade [2003 reissue or 2 EPs]
Kataklysm ‎– Shadows & Dust [US 2002]
Kataklysm ‎– The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate) [GER 2000]
King’s-Evil ‎– Deletion Of Humanoise [original JPN, ferocious catchy Japanese thrash]
Kreator ‎– Cause For Conflict [original Gun Records]
Kreator ‎– Endless Pain [1993 reissue!]
Lemming Project ‎– Hate And Despise [GER, original, ripping German thrash/death]
Macabre ‎– Dahmer [original but a different pressing to the other copy I have] new to Discogs
Mortuary Drape ‎– All The Witches Dance [original Unisound]
Nuclear Assault ‎– Handle With Care [original In-Effect]
Possessed ‎– Beyond The Gates [1999 reissue, I have the big digibook ‘gate’ version too with The Eyes Of Horror tacked on the end, I may trade]
Possessed ‎– Seven Churches [GER, 1998 reissue, finally I own this]
Ritual Carnage ‎– The Highest Law [original, really good Japanese thrash]
Rok ‎– Burning Metal
Sadistik Exekution ‎– The Magus [2001 reissue, I have an original too]
Sadistik Exekution ‎– We Are Death Fukk You [original]
Sarcófago ‎– I.N.R.I. [reissue] new to Discogs
Sodom ‎– Code Red [ltd ed 2 disc version with a disc full of Sodom covers]
Sodom ‎– In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty [both albums on 1 CD]
Sodom ‎– ‘Til Death Do Us Unite [2006 remastered edition]
Various ‎– Grind Core’s Death Row [I’ve wanted this for 21 years ha ha seriously]
Vio-Lence ‎– Oppressing The Masses [EUR, original, pity some egg stamped their address in the booklet]
Voïvod‎ – Angel Rat [US, original Mechanic Records, I find The ‘Vod a bit hit n miss]
Yattering ‎– Genocide [with MIM sticker for AUS]

78 cds




Part 1 of 3 – MA deals

22 Nov

MA purchase

Anal Cunt – I Like It When You Die [UK]
Autopsy – Mental Funeral [remastered reissue in a super jewel box, sounds good man]
Cathedral – The Ethereal Mirror [1996 US reissue]
Cruciamentum – Convocation Of Crawling Chaos [2011 Nuclear Winter, the church of Incantation]
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal [GER, 1999 reissue]
Deströyer 666 – Cold Steel…For An Iron Age [promo and it’s not meant to be!]
Deströyer 666 – Cold Steel…For An Iron Age [Russian license, oops…]
Diocletian – Decimator [more insane black death, includes a Bolt Thrower cover]
Exhorder – Slaughter In The Vatican / The Law [2 from the vault]
Grave Miasma – Exalted Emanation [Digipak]
Impiety – Dominator [SIN, super jewel box + slipcase, wicked ep this one]
Macabre – Gloom [2001 reissue, excellent stuff]
Pestilence – Consuming Impulse / Testimony Of The Ancients [2 from the vault, optimal media matrix version]
Repulsion – Horrified [2 disc reissue, US version]
S.O.D. – Live At Budokan [GER, reissue]
Triptykon – Shatter [UK, EP with a couple of CF covers]
Vader – Sothis [Metal Mind reissue]

MA swap deal

Bestial Raids – Reversed Black Trinity [Polish black/death, ripping stuff indeed]
Deiphago – Filipino Antichrist [HHR jewel case version, I love this, recorded in Satan’s armpit by the sounds of it too, a bit rough]


This week’s scores

15 Jul

Got myself some hellish noise to celebrate getting a job! yeee haa!
It’s taken me a week to add and update this lot on Discogs ha ha

Agoraphobic Nosebleed ‎– Altered States Of America / ANbRX Pharmaceuticals II [double CD with remixes, half clear discs too, I have the ltd ed mini CD of this too]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed ‎– PCP Torpedo / ANbRX [double CD with remixes in a Digipak, I’m not sure if the songs are different to ANbRX Pharmaceuticals II]
Anarazel – Undivine [vicious and catchy AUS BM with former members of NZ band Coven] *new to Discogs
Asphyx ‎– Live Death Doom [double live CD]
Autopsy ‎– All Tomorrow’s Funerals [UK Digibook]
Centinex ‎– Diabolical Desolation [not bad, took a gamble, needs a few more listens]
Cross Examination ‎– The Hung Jury [crossover/thrash with bonus songs and covers]
Desecration ‎– Murder In Mind [super heavy DM from Wales, nice I have Pathway To Deviance too]
Hellhammer ‎– Demon Entrails [EUR version, double CD in sleeve]
Ignivomous ‎– Blood And Mercury [mixed bag of demos and eps + a cover of ‘Mr Offals’ which I thought was by Blood Duster but it isn’t]
Metallica ‎– Creeping Death / Jump In The Fire [GER double EP]
Metallica – Past Magnetic [EUR promo]
Mord ‎– Christendom Perished [fairly good Polish BM, interesting they are on Southern Lord…]
Nebula ‎– Dos EPs [re-released double EP, cool stuff]
Sons Of Kyuss ‎– Sons Of Kyuss [made in Taiwan?! sounds like shit too by the way, clicks and pops from the original record I reckon, but it’s kind of rare]
Tad ‎– Inhaler [EUR version, finally!]
The Atomic Bitchwax ‎– The Atomic Bitchwax II [these guys played here recently, I should have gone]
Vortex ‎– Hammer Of The North [reissue? with bonus songs, pretty sweet Dutch thrash/power metal stuff] *new to Discogs


Today’s scores

20 Feb

Some stuff from the Salvation Army shop

Beck – Odelay [I’ve wanted this for years]
Cypress Hill – Superstar [single]
Insane Clown Posse – The Amazing Jechel Brothers [I don’t listen to this garbage, I got it for the red case to go with my Disciples Of Mockery CD which is en route as we speak without a case to save postage]
Prokofiev – Peter And the Wolf / Saint-Saens – Carnival Of The Animals [old one from 1993]
Holst – Planets / Elgar – Pomp And Circumstance, Marches 1 & 4
‘Eyeball disc’ – some annoying dubstep rubbish, CDr too oops, I liked the case

3 CD racks
1 Edgar Allan Poe book [hard cover from 1986]
1 A Perfect Circle – aMOTION CD+DVD

And some stuff from another music shop I tripped over
Lee Perry – Excaliburman [UK, old one from 1992, pretty metal for a Dub guy! ha ha ha]
Akercocke – The Goat Of Mendes [UK 2005 reissue Digipak, new and sealed x 2, sing out if you want one!]


From the same shop, some vinyl! [for a change]

Autopsy – Acts Of The Unspeakable [Ltd 997/200 yellow, full gore artwork]
Hypocrisy – A Taste Of Extreme Divinity [Ltd 224/? with 7″ bonus]
Deicide – Serpents Of The Light [Cargo, comes with poster]
KYLESA – To Walk A Middle Course
Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today [Ltd edition, double gatefold LP] !!!!!





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