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Local deal

11 Sep

Bought these from a trader in NZ by way of the NWN! forums

Bestial Raids – Prime Evil Damnation [US, black vinyl, I got this for the sick artwork and have a copy on CD too]
Diocletian – Doom Cult [GER, tape, STI white case, I now have every version of this: picture disc LP in next update]
Sadistic Intent – Resurrection [US, CD, Dark Realm repress]

Included was a huge Bestial Raids back patch and the poster from the ltd ed version of Prime Evil Damnation




a few new things

29 Aug

Missing from a previous order, excellent service though so senorhernandez at Discogs gets some recognition, also he has some wicked things for sale Conan, Slomatics, Bongripper etc
Conan – Monnos [US, digipak, original on Gravedancer]
Bought this directly from the band/Roger, it was $15 usd shipped, only 500 were made too…
Mortician – Final Bloodbath Session [US, ltd ed digipak reissue, I’ve wanted this for years and it SLAYS]
Swap deal with MA member Erosion of Humanity
Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus [jewel case version, I have the starpak too which I may now trade]
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis [I like this album but the packaging makes me want to take it out to the farm and shoot it, it’s awful]
NWN! purchase
Doombringer – Ancient Abominations [POL, digipak, comp of 2 demos, this is members of Bestial Raids and Cultes Des Ghoules but doesn’t really sound like either band]
Kerasphorus – Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn [US, 2011 repress, vicious but not total noise]
Got some cassettes too
Infected – Prick [original Wild Rags]This is the Australian death metal band
Misery – Astern Diabolus [original Wild Rags, with massive holes smashed through the rear cover by the spindles on the rear cover!] This is the Australian death metal band
Sadistic Intent – Impending Doom [original Wild Rags]
To be continued…

just in

2 Jun

Got these last week from a bloke in Turkey via Discogs

Bestial Raids – Prime Evil Damnation [repress, this has some really busy and totally wicked artwork, I’d get this LP just for the imagery, the artist is named Marko Marov/Vatra I Sumpor?]
Cianide – A Descent Into Hell [usually I don’t go for reissues or remastered stuff but since it’s my single most favourite album ever it’s a must]
Macabre – Sinister Slaughter & Behind The Walls Of Sleep [Digipak reissue, I already have the EP Behind The Walls Of Sleep though]
Mortician – Zombie Massacre Live! [yeppa yeppa yeppa! the between song banter and announcements are classic]
Revenge – Scum.Collapse.Eradication [this is by far my favourite Revenge album, can I say it sounds more ‘dynamic’ than their older stuff? just more interesting and diverse/varied]


Part 1 of 3 – MA deals

22 Nov

MA purchase

Anal Cunt – I Like It When You Die [UK]
Autopsy – Mental Funeral [remastered reissue in a super jewel box, sounds good man]
Cathedral – The Ethereal Mirror [1996 US reissue]
Cruciamentum – Convocation Of Crawling Chaos [2011 Nuclear Winter, the church of Incantation]
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal [GER, 1999 reissue]
Deströyer 666 – Cold Steel…For An Iron Age [promo and it’s not meant to be!]
Deströyer 666 – Cold Steel…For An Iron Age [Russian license, oops…]
Diocletian – Decimator [more insane black death, includes a Bolt Thrower cover]
Exhorder – Slaughter In The Vatican / The Law [2 from the vault]
Grave Miasma – Exalted Emanation [Digipak]
Impiety – Dominator [SIN, super jewel box + slipcase, wicked ep this one]
Macabre – Gloom [2001 reissue, excellent stuff]
Pestilence – Consuming Impulse / Testimony Of The Ancients [2 from the vault, optimal media matrix version]
Repulsion – Horrified [2 disc reissue, US version]
S.O.D. – Live At Budokan [GER, reissue]
Triptykon – Shatter [UK, EP with a couple of CF covers]
Vader – Sothis [Metal Mind reissue]

MA swap deal

Bestial Raids – Reversed Black Trinity [Polish black/death, ripping stuff indeed]
Deiphago – Filipino Antichrist [HHR jewel case version, I love this, recorded in Satan’s armpit by the sounds of it too, a bit rough]


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