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megahaul of brutality

4 Nov

I was going to put them all up in their separate order groups but my camera is being an arse so the less I have to use it the better.
Anyway this is from the big pile of parcels that jammed up my po box last week ha ha awesome!

A few from Discogs, some from NZ, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, US
NWN! and MA deals and Trade Me too

Abscess – Bourbon, Blood And Butchery [UK, compilation of eps and splits etc, solid stuff]
Azarath – Blasphemers’ Maledictions [POL, reissue in a jewel case, finally! this sounds quite different to their old stuff but is definitely good, needs a few more plays]
Black Witchery – Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom [US 2013 reissue with the Blasphemy and Sarcófago covers, I got the original recently too, vicious stuff, 1 spare copy for a mate]
Blood – Gas – Flames – Bones [GER, insane brutal death grind, love this stuff]
Bolt Thrower – Who Dares Wins [UK, Docdata matrix, compilation of eps and live stuff, there are multiple version of this]
Candlemass – Chapter VI [UK, not bad, the vocals aren’t really to my taste]
Candlemass – Dactylis Glomerata [UK, good stuff]
Carnage – Live Stockholm 4-11-89 [MEX, bootleg? dire recording, not for me]
Carpathian Forest – Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods [ITA, original, I’ve wanted this for a while]
Comecon – The Worms Of God [GER, all 3 albums on 2 CDs, an economical way to get them, not remastered either I don’t think, also no bonus songs]
Deicide / Amon – Feasting The Beast [UK/EUR, legendary compilation and my favourite Deicide, not for me though I already have one]
Demonomancy – Throne Of Demonic Proselytism [US, good stuff, I prefer this to their Rites Of Barbaric Demons EP]
Deranged – Morgue Orgy [US, sounds just like you think it does, includes an S.O.D cover too]
Incantation – Blasphemy [CAN, I have the US version too, I never used to like this one]
Sigh – Scorn Defeat [NOR, DSP, date unknown Tocano matrix, some of this is so catchy, it’s really quite good]
Tool – Sober [GER, single, a semi-rare one]

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Videos [DVD, EUR, videos up to and including Use Your Illusion 2]
Marduk – Funeral Marches And Warsongs [DVD, GER, PAL, some hellish live Marduk] new to Discogs

Pungent Stench – Video La Muerte [VHS, GER, Censored?, finally I have this again, pity my VCR is rooted, but still!] new to Discogs

Pick of the litter : Pungent Stench – Video La Muerte, man I had this years ago and played it whenever my parents went out, I took it to a mates place and he thought it was a snuff film and asked to turn it off ha ha excellent, that Shrunken And Mummified Bitch video clip is pretty serious



local madness

14 May

Got these today from vk666 [Phil from Vassafor/Diocletian etc]

Archgoat – Whore Of Bethlehem [FIN, ltd ed Digipak CD/DVD, ripping album this one I have the standard jewel case version too]
Blasphemy – Fallen Angel Of Doom [NED, crikey, this is an original…] new to discogs
Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis [US, slipcase version, man this is good]
Mortuary Drape – Into The Catachthonium [damn bootleg, I didn’t know]
Sabbat – The Dwelling [JAP, light blue cover, not for me but this is quite good]
Sarcófago – Hate [BRA, remastered reissue, I like this one]

Cruciform – Paradox [AUS, old school AUS DM on Warhead Records]
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal [US, original, Under One Flag] new to discogs
Dawn Of Azazel – Of Bloodshed And Eternal Victory [NZ, single sided ltd ed]

Vassafor – Abysmal Heralds Of Desolation


Today’s scores

7 Mar

I got these on Sunday but it’s taken this long to add and update Discogs so yeah, here they are on Thursday ha ha ha :p

Blasphemy ‎– The Final Armageddon [no comment]
Celtic Frost ‎– Into The Pandemonium [1993 reissue]
Darkthrone ‎– Goatlord [1996 Digipak]
Disembodied ‎– Diablerie [pretty cool hardcore/grindcore stuff, this is a reissue with different artwork]
Dismember ‎– Massive Killing Capacity [GER 1995 original]
EyeHateGod ‎– Take As Needed For Pain [US jolly good stuff]
Heresiarch ‎– Hammer Of Intransigence [finally! this kills it]
King Missile ‎– Mystical Shit / Fluting On The Hump [hit and miss comedy rock/metal weird stuff]
Marduk ‎– Fuck Me Jesus [1999 reissue with bonus songs, Bathory cover and re-recorded stuff, Disctronics S matrix]
Metallica ‎– Beyond Magnetic [US EP]
Primus ‎– Tales From The Punchbowl [EUR enhanced, sweet!]
Salem ‎– Collective Demise [GER, these guys are from Israel?! not bad]
Sanguinary Misanthropia ‎– Loathe Over Will [OZ black metal, over 68 minutes long!]
Satyricon ‎– Dark Medieval Times [Nordisc As matrix]
Taetre ‎– Out Of Emotional Disorder [interesting stuff]
Testament ‎– The Ritual [repress, cool album cover]
Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant ‎– Sister Phantom Owl Fish [a bit different, pretty good too]
Troll ‎– The Last Predators [whoah awesome, this is wicked stuff]
Various ‎– Live Death – Recorded Live At The Milwaukeee Metalfest


Today’s scores

12 Feb

Blasphemy ‎– Total Blasphemic Rituals [CDr, Bootleg, shhh I know]
Sorrow ‎– Hatred And Disgust [wicked, I’ve wanted this for a while, original US version]
Promise Of Bloodshed ‎– Hatred Inherit [NZ death/thrash/hardcore metal, I have 2 copies of this one now]
Queensrÿche ‎– The Warning [original US, not really my cup of tea… although it is quite good I suppose]
Holocaustia ‎– The Sacrament Seed [some nice stripped down black metal here]
Tulus ‎– Cold Core Collection [double CD with demos and cover songs, super catchy black metal]
Monster Magnet ‎– Powertrip [Limited Tour Edition 2CD, cool but Dave gets a bit full of himself on the live disc, maybe he was wasted]

Avotor ‎– Looming [freaky NZ electronic dark-fi stuff, I’ve wanted this for years]
Avotor ‎– Illooming [remixes of a few songs from Looming]
Mars Needs… Total Science [disappointing album from these guys]
The Vitamin String Quartet ‎– Performs AC/DC [ha ha ha, not bad]
Summum Bonum ‎– David Donson [not really metal but they have some wicked crunchy guitars and some pretty loose stuff, screaming etc a bit like Sonic Youth]

Georges Bizet – Symphony in C / Camille Saint-Saens – Symphony No 3 [well this is just excellent, I’ve wanted some Bizet for a while, the CD is from 1993]


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