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new stuff

14 Nov

From a Discogs seller in Belgium

Hecate Enthroned – Dark Requiems…And Unsilent Massacre [UK, Blackened records] not for me
Hecate Enthroned – Kings Of Chaos [UK, Blackened records] not for me
Hecate Enthroned – The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty [UK, Blackened records, oops accidental purchase]
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick [UK/EUR, finally an original after wading through a sea of represses and remastered reissues I have one!]

MA swap deal from Trinidad and Tobago [sent to Croatia]

Marduk – Glorification [FRA, not copy protected, cover songs? it’s ok] new to Discogs
Marduk – Plague Angel [SWE, original, this is wicked, really harsh and violent]
Slayer – Show No Mercy [US, 1987 reissue! ripping thrash metal from the masters, man this is old]
Spinal Tap – Break Like The Wind [US, MCA version, cool!]

MA purchase from Australia

Alchemist – Jar Of Kingdom [AUS, original Lethal Records, quite the score, Lunasphere it is not however]
Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life [US, original Metal Blade/Death Records, Disctronics USA matrix] not for me, new to Discogs
Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding [US, original uncensored Disctronics matrix]
Martire / Throneum – United In Hell [AUS, split of insane black death] not for me
Misery – A Necessary Evil [AUS, original Velvet Urge Records! I now have all their albums, not the EPs yet though]
Troll – Neo-Satanic Supremacy [AUS, original Napalm records, cool industrial black metal]
Very, Very, Dead & Gory – A Veritable Paragon Of Wholesome Family Entertainment [AUS/OZ, finally I have this again, muddy bass sounds like it was recorded in a toilet, excellent stuff]

Pick of the litter has to be Misery!



ma purchase

17 Sep

These arrived last week from a seller at MA, some good stuff, some accidental double ups, some stuff I don’t like…

Beherit – Engram [FIN, pretty good]
Cannibal Corpse – Worm Infested [US, jewel case version]
Coffins – Mortuary In Darkness [US, original, this is really wicked and mega heavy]
Cryptopsy – Ungentle Exhumation [CAN, 2002 reissue, the only CD version I think, old Cryptopsy rules]
Entombed – Wolverine Blues [UK, original, their last good album? I like it]
Gorguts – Live In Rotterdam [CAN, I have 2 copies of this now]
Hellhammer – Demon Entrails [US, cardboard sleeve, I have 2 different versions of this now]
Malignancy – Intrauterine Cannibalism [US, 2002 reissue]
Mayhem – Live In Leipzig [UK, 2007 Digipak reissue]
Mayhem – Ordo Ad Chao [FRA, metal case but clear jewel case and not the red disc] new to Discogs
Mortician – Hacked Up For Barbecue / Zombie Apocalypse [US, both releases on 1 disc]
Mortification – Hammer Of God [US, original, not bad, sounds like Mortification]
Overkill – Necroshine [CAN, not bad]
Rotting Christ – Passage To Arcturo [US, 2006 Unruly remastered reissue with bonus songs]
Sepultura – Live In São Paulo [US, double CD live, Derrick on vocals… it’s ok] new to Discogs
Slo Burn – Amusing The Amazing [US, original, I’ve wanted this for years]


5 new things

16 Jun

Bought these from a seller on MA, they arrived last week or near enough.

Cannibal Corpse – Evisceration Plague [GER, jewel case version, finally! I now have every CC album]
Cathedral – The Ethereal Mirror [UK, original, the reissue will be on my trade list soon]
Nirvana – Bleach [UK, really old version from 1991, great album, possibly their best] new to Discogs
Spaceboy – The Force That Holds Together A Heart Torn To Pieces [cool stoner doom]
Various – Neurot Recordings I [CD+DVD, some really good stuff on here, haven’t seen the DVD yet though]


local purchases

15 Apr

Grabbed these from a mate a couple of days ago

Cannibal Corpse ‎– Butchered At Birth [EUR, original, censored/uncensored cover]
Carcass ‎– Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious [US, 1992 reissue? Relativity/Earache, wicked album]
Carcass ‎– Symphonies Of Sickness [UK, 1994 reissue with 10 songs and a green disc]
Grave ‎– Extremely Rotten Live [US, blue jewel case, ripping stuff! I missed them play here a few years ago and I rue the day]
Meathook Seed ‎– Embedded [UK, original, embossed booklet with translucent cover] new to Discogs


Received units

31 Mar

From a mate here in NZ

Beneath The Massacre ‎– Evidence Of Inequity [woops, I forgot I already had one on the way from somewhere else]
Blood Red Throne ‎– Altered Genesis [UK, sounds like BRT…]
Cannibal Corpse ‎– Eaten Back To Life [original, possibly French, made by MPO]
Crowbar ‎– Lifesblood For The Downtrodden [UK, slipcase]
Crowbar ‎– Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form [US, original] new to Discogs
diSEMBOWELMENT ‎– Transcendence Into The Peripheral [US, original!!!!! what a score]
Gojira ‎– From Mars To Sirius [Listenable, jewel case version, wow awesome, this is impressive, if you like your technical death metal with a heart and brain as well as a pulse check this out]
Internal Bleeding ‎– Voracious Contempt [Original, DISC MFG., INC matrix, I also have another original with a wea mfg. OLYPHANT matrix] new to Discogs
Iron Monkey ‎– Our Problem [US, original! wicked stuff]
Konkhra ‎– Spit Or Swallow [old repress, I have 2 different versions now]
Lock Up ‎– Violent Reprisal [compilation of 2 albums: Pleasures… and Hate…]
Machine Head ‎– Burn My Eyes [EUR, original, which I thought I owned but couldn’t find, I fixed that]
Machine Head ‎– Old [AUS, Digipak, single]
Obituary ‎– Cause Of Death [GER, repress] new to Discogs
Obituary ‎– Slowly We Rot [US, original with Disctronics matrix and no spelling mistakes, I have another version with a PILZ matrix]
Obituary ‎– The End Complete [NED, original]
Sinister ‎– Diabolical Summoning [original, I have TWO of these now ha ha]
The Dillinger Escape Plan ‎– Calculating Infinity [US original, I have the ltd ed pic LP too] new to Discogs

From Discogs

Ufomammut ‎– Eve [Promo, great stuff but makes me want to listen to Idolum, which I don’t have]


August 26 scores

27 Aug

Got these yesterday from a Metal Archives seller

Augury – Concealed [CAN, original on Galy Records, cool and interesting but not sure what I think of the female operatic vocals]
Burial Invocation – Rituals Of The Grotesque [glad to have this one back]
Cannibal Corpse – Bloodthirst [GER, Censored Version one I was missing, solid album, sounds like CC]
Capharnaum – Fractured [US, Willowtip, pretty cool tech death]
Council Of The Fallen – Revealing Damnation [Nice, I forgot how cool this album was]
Isis – Oceanic [US, a blind buy, not bad but it’s no celestial…]


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