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big score

20 Dec

From Real Groovy, haven’t been to this shop for months since I do night shift and it’s a mission to get there
met a long-time internet mate there for the first time too \m/,

Aura Noir – The Merciless [UK, original misspress Digipak with the CD tray in the centre panel, killer album!]
Bathory – Blood Fire Death [CAN, Kraze repress] new to Discogs
Bathory – The Return…… [RUS, Irond 2002, I should have checked =( cool album anyway]
Burial Hordes – Devotion To Unholy Creed [SIN, Digipak, ripping black death]
Celtic Frost – Monotheist [US, Century Media, yes finally]
Dark Angel – Darkness Descends [GER, 1998 remastered reissue with 3 bonus songs]
Demilich – Nespithe [SPA, 2009 reissue, I never used to like this one because of the vocals but I do now]
Destruktor – Nuclear Storm [US, awesome but I already have one]
Deteriorot – In Ancient Beliefs [US, original WWIII]
Disinter – Welcome To Oblivion [FRA, Deadsun Records + bonus song, other versions don’t have this, solid DM]
Disjecta Membrae – Taedium Vitae [SPA, careless listening is to be avoided – indeed]
Dozer – In The Tail Of A Comet [US, black/white disc version not blue/white, solid stoner] new to Discogs
Exhumation – Seas Of Eternal Silence [DEN, I like the artwork…]
Fleshgrind – Destined For Defilement [US, 1999 reissue, not sure why I got this]
Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage [AUS, pretty cool, not as good as other albums of theirs]
Iron Maiden – Best Of The Beast [UK, 1996 compilation]
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden [UK, 1987 repress]
Lair Of The Minotaur – War Metal Battle Master [US, wicked album, spare copy]
Martire – Martire [US, killer stuff, spare copy]
Morningstar – Finnish Metal [FIN, bandannas and bullet belts, uh huh…]
Nazxul – Iconoclast [GER, original on Eisenwald Tonschmiede, I almost like this enough to ignore the synths, almost]
Neurosis – Sovereign [US, original 2000 Digipak, some Neurosis I can’t handle but this is really good]
Old Man Gloom – No [US, gatefold cardboard packaging, I already have a copy of this]
Sepsism – Purulent Decomposition [SPA, original Repulse, this album slays, I have the promo too]
Sons Of Otis – Temple Ball [US, original Man’s Ruin, score!] new to Discogs
Swans – Children Of God / World Of Skin [US, 2xCD reissue of both albums, kind of hard to find this stuff]
Usurper – Threshold Of The Usurper / Skeletal Season [UK, 2 EPs released together? totally wicked and I’m glad I took a punt on it]

Private purchase from Shawn – Witchrist
Mitochondrion / Gyibaaw – Rituals Of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt [US, quite weird but it’s ok]

Pick of the litter: Usurper, I’ve played this probably 5 times since I got it, catchy and memorable DM, recommended stuff

NB: a few of these go immediately to the trade list




A few tapes and 2 CDs

3 Sep

Got a few tapes recently, and 2 CDs from the same seller

Anthrax – Persistence Of Time [AUS, original, I now have all 3 formats of this – LP, CD and tape]
Anthrax – Sound Of White Noise [AUS, original, this album is excellent] new to Discogs
Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales / Emperor’s Return [Noise USA, 1994, this is excellent but my tape player sucks]
Exodus – Pleasures Of The Flesh [UK, original, I now have all 3 formats of this – LP, CD and tape]
Fear Factory – Soul Of A New Machine [AUS original]
Ministry – ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ / Psalm 69 [AUS, original and it even has the sticker on the front, I lost my copy 15 years ago when I left it in someone’s car, at least it was a Holden…]
Mortal Sin – Face Of Despair [AUS, original] new to Discogs
Mortal Sin – Mayhemic Destruction [AUS, original, killer album cover] new to Discogs
Push Push – A Trillion Shades Of Happy [NZ, legendary Kiwi band] new to Discogs
R.D.P/Ratos De Porão – Anarkophobia [EUR, original, something a little different] new to Discogs
Sacred Reich – Independent [AUS/NZ, original]
Testament – Return To The Apocalyptic City [AUS, original, I had this on tape in third form!] new to Discogs

Bathory – Blood Fire Death [GER, old repress, around 1993]
Suffocation – Effigy Of The Forgotten [GER, original] new to Discogs


Discogs and Osmose

29 Jul

from Discogs

Deep Purple – Scandinavian Nights [UK, double live album, I’ve had this on cassette for 25 years! this CD version has a different mix to the tape. fantastic album and gives Made in Japan a very good run for its money, I prefer this one, look up the track listing]

From Osmose…

Axis Of Advance – Purify [FRA, more violence from the usual suspects, I have almost every album/ep now]
Azarath – Holy Possession [POL, ltd ed EP in a slipcase with a cool black jewel case]
Godüs – Phantomgrave: I Am The Catacombs [FRA, haven’t heard this yet, it was a freebee]
Ravager – Naxzgul Rising [FRA, insane ripping blackened dm done right, I have Storm Of Sin too]

7″ vinyl
Darkcide / Infestdead – Son Of The Darkside [wicked, I like these guys]

Portal – Cthulhu Rape
Portal – Nyarlathotep
Portal – Tempus Fugit

Badges or ‘pins’ as some people call them
Celtic Frost
Impaled Nazarene [round]



new stuff

15 May

Bought these from a seller at MA in Denmark

Celtic Frost ‎– To Mega Therion [misspress, this goes straight to my trade list]
Hetsheads ‎– We Hail The Possessed… [SPA, such a good album, very happy to finally have another copy]
Impaled Nazarene ‎– Rapture [FRA, Digipak, excellent stuff]
Kataklysm ‎– Northern Hyperblast Live [FRA, HYP 1069 is the version I have, this is nice old savage Kataklysm]
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick [EUR, repress, still looking for an original, it’s not expensive or hard to find but damned if I can actually GET one, this goes straight to my trade list]
Zyklon-B ‎– Blood Must Be Shed [GER, original Malicious Records! killer stuff and I’ve wanted it for an age]


Xmas period 2013

28 Dec

I’ve not had much time to update this but here is some stuff I got recently

Abyssic Hate ‎– Suicidal Emotions [Digipak, GER, not bad but I have A Decade Of Hate which is all the Abyssic Hate I really need]
Beastwars ‎– Blood Becomes Fire [NZ, their second album]
Celtic Frost ‎– To Mega Therion [an old repress, the seller on Discogs wasn’t accurate in their description, I now have 2 copies dammit] new to Discogs
Hypocrisy ‎– Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken [killer old live Hypocrisy]
Hypocrisy ‎– Into The Abyss [Promo in cardboard sleeve]
Luciferion ‎– Demonication (The Manifest) [promo, in cardboard sleeve, wicked album! quite excited to have this] new to Discogs


Today’s scores

7 Mar

I got these on Sunday but it’s taken this long to add and update Discogs so yeah, here they are on Thursday ha ha ha :p

Blasphemy ‎– The Final Armageddon [no comment]
Celtic Frost ‎– Into The Pandemonium [1993 reissue]
Darkthrone ‎– Goatlord [1996 Digipak]
Disembodied ‎– Diablerie [pretty cool hardcore/grindcore stuff, this is a reissue with different artwork]
Dismember ‎– Massive Killing Capacity [GER 1995 original]
EyeHateGod ‎– Take As Needed For Pain [US jolly good stuff]
Heresiarch ‎– Hammer Of Intransigence [finally! this kills it]
King Missile ‎– Mystical Shit / Fluting On The Hump [hit and miss comedy rock/metal weird stuff]
Marduk ‎– Fuck Me Jesus [1999 reissue with bonus songs, Bathory cover and re-recorded stuff, Disctronics S matrix]
Metallica ‎– Beyond Magnetic [US EP]
Primus ‎– Tales From The Punchbowl [EUR enhanced, sweet!]
Salem ‎– Collective Demise [GER, these guys are from Israel?! not bad]
Sanguinary Misanthropia ‎– Loathe Over Will [OZ black metal, over 68 minutes long!]
Satyricon ‎– Dark Medieval Times [Nordisc As matrix]
Taetre ‎– Out Of Emotional Disorder [interesting stuff]
Testament ‎– The Ritual [repress, cool album cover]
Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant ‎– Sister Phantom Owl Fish [a bit different, pretty good too]
Troll ‎– The Last Predators [whoah awesome, this is wicked stuff]
Various ‎– Live Death – Recorded Live At The Milwaukeee Metalfest


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