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New stuff

8 Oct

From Deathgasm

Barbatos – Live At Factory [US, awful stuff]
Cianide – The Dying Truth [US, reissue with different track order and 2 bonus EPs, killer!]
Coffin Texts – Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife [COL, some strange Columbian reissue? wicked album though]
Desecration – Process Of Decay [US, reissue, brutal stuff, I have a few of their albums now]
Disciples Of Mockery – Prelude To Apocalypse [US, reissue with different artwork and the DOM promo, I have the original too]
Godüs – Hell Fuck Demon Sound [SPA, pretty cool Spanish black metal, their second album I like a lot]
Machetazo – Live At CBGB – New York City [POL, includes 2 covers, one of my favourite DM bands, great stuff]
Malevolent Creation – Retrospective [US, comp, original on Crash]
Morbid Goat Fornicator – Nuclear Vaticano [US, that name! ha ha ha generic black death, it’s ok]
Negativa – Negativa [CAN, PRC reissue, I have an original too]
Yskelgroth – Unholy Primitive Nihilism [US, Spanish black death with the guy from Avulsed, not bad, cool artwork too]



some promos etc

5 Sep

From Discogs


Abaddon Incarnate – Dark Crusade [SPA, wicked stuff, never heard them before, they’re Irish]
Abscess – Horrorhammer [UK, pure smut]
Ajattara – Kalmanto [FIN, a bit weird but quite good]
Bongzilla – Amerijuanican [US, this is really good, pity it’s split up over 85 tracks to annoy pirates]
Brutality – In Mourning [GER, I have the original US CD too]
Damnation – Rebel Souls [GER, solid DM, I have Reborn… too]
Demoniac – The Fire And The Wind [FRA, not really my cuppa tea]
Marduk – Live In Germania [FRA, totally wicked live album with Peter Tägtgren on guitars]
Old Funeral – The Older Ones [NED, really good stuff with members of Immortal and Burzum etc]
Sepsism – Purulent Decomposition [SPA, gnarly old school DM]

full albums
Abigor – Apokalypse [AUSTRIA, ep, original]
Cianide – Rage War 1996 [NED, 2000 reissue with bonus live tracks, missing the rear cover but it was a good price so I’m happy, my Cianide collection is getting fairly good]


just in

2 Jun

Got these last week from a bloke in Turkey via Discogs

Bestial Raids – Prime Evil Damnation [repress, this has some really busy and totally wicked artwork, I’d get this LP just for the imagery, the artist is named Marko Marov/Vatra I Sumpor?]
Cianide – A Descent Into Hell [usually I don’t go for reissues or remastered stuff but since it’s my single most favourite album ever it’s a must]
Macabre – Sinister Slaughter & Behind The Walls Of Sleep [Digipak reissue, I already have the EP Behind The Walls Of Sleep though]
Mortician – Zombie Massacre Live! [yeppa yeppa yeppa! the between song banter and announcements are classic]
Revenge – Scum.Collapse.Eradication [this is by far my favourite Revenge album, can I say it sounds more ‘dynamic’ than their older stuff? just more interesting and diverse/varied]


Something special

5 May

Cianide – Ashes To Dust [2 discs of demos, unreleased stuff etc] from a Discogs seller in Italy


Feb 11 epic haul

26 Feb

Abomination ‎– Debut [original]
Abominog ‎– Manifesting Void [original + demo tracks from Resting In Your Grave]
Abscess ‎– Damned And Mummified [US Red Stream]
Abscess ‎– Tormented [US Deathvomit]
Abyssic Hate ‎– Eternal Damnation [original, evidently this is quite valuable! 46/500]
Accidental Suicide ‎– Deceased [EUR, original]
Acheron ‎– Anti-god, Anti-christ [BRA, reissue]
Acid Bath ‎– Paegan Terrorism Tactics [original Rotten, stoked to finally have these 2, I’ve wanted them for ages]
Acid Bath ‎– When The Kite String Pops [original Roadrunner]
Alchemist ‎– Austral Alien [Relapse, hole punched barcode, pen mark on booklet]
Alchemist ‎– Organasm [original, Chatterbox/Phantom] new to Discogs
Alchemist ‎– Spiritech [original, water damaged booklet]
Anatomy ‎– The Witches Of Dathomir [AUS, Bleed Records version]
Atheist ‎– Piece Of Time [2000 Newtown Music reissue with bonus songs, almost as valuable as an original one, fantastic album, but you knew that]
Atrocity ‎– Infected / The Art Of Death [both albums on 1 CD, good stuff]
Atrocity ‎– Todessehnsucht [original or an old repress, I’ve wanted this for years]
Aura Noir ‎– Black Thrash Attack [original Malicious Records, good stuff and evidently quite valuable]
Aura Noir ‎– Deep Tracts Of Hell [original Hammerheart]
Autopsy ‎– Acts Of The Unspeakable [US original, half the booklet has been cut off ffs]
Autopsy ‎– Severed Survival + Retribution For The Dead [1994 version in a jewel case, I have a newer remastered Digipak version too that I may trade]
Belphegor ‎– Infernal Live Orgasm [excellent live album]
Benediction ‎– Grind Bastard [GER, original]
Benediction ‎– Organised Chaos [GER, original]
Benediction ‎– Subconscious Terror [GER, digipak reissue + Dark Is The Season]
Benediction ‎– The Dreams You Dread [GER, original]
Bestial Mockery ‎– Gospel Of The Insane [Osmose]
Blood Red Throne ‎– Monument Of Death [US version] new to Discogs
Candlemass ‎– Nightfall [Powerline reissue + bonus disc, killer album!]
Cianide ‎– A Descent Into Hell [original GER Bullet Proof/Red Light, rear cover a little wavy, not a concern for this classic]
Cianide ‎– Divide And Conquer [original GER Merciless]
Cianide ‎– Hell’s Rebirth [original From Beyond]
Cianide ‎– The Dying Truth [original Grind Core! yes, not I have 2, pity this one has a pen mark in the booklet though]
Crowbar ‎– Odd Fellows Rest [US, not bad, has an Iron Maiden cover] new to Discogs
Dark Angel ‎– Darkness Descends [original Combat]
Death Angel ‎– The Ultra-Violence [old repress] new to Discogs
Deceased ‎– Fearless Undead Machines [original]
Deceased ‎– Luck Of The Corpse [original]
Deceased ‎– The Blueprints For Madness [original, water damaged booklet]
Deceased ‎– The Radiation Years [compilation, I have 12 Deceased albums]
Defiled ‎– Ugliness Revealed [Japanese super heavy DM, but I don’t need 2]
Desecration ‎– Gore And PerVersion 2
Destruction ‎– Release From Agony [GER, repress]
Dismember ‎– Death Metal [US original]
Dismember ‎– Indecent And Obscene [US original]
Dissection ‎– Storm Of The Light’s Bane [GER, original, BOD matrix]
Engorged ‎– Death Metal Attack 2 [with 10 bonus track from Death Metal Attack]
Entombed ‎– Left Hand Path [original]
Evildead ‎– Annihilation Of Civilization [EUR, original, water damaged but intact]
Exhorder ‎– Slaughter In The Vatican [EUR, original!]
Gomorrah ‎– Caress The Grotesque [not too bad, ‘Inanimate’ is way better] new to Discogs
Gomorrah ‎– Reflections Of Inanimate Matter [Black Mark reissue to replace my greatly damaged one, also a Black Mark reissue]
Gospel Of The Horns ‎– Realm Of The Damned [IRE, Invictus]
Gospel Of The Horns ‎– Sinners / Monuments Of Impurity [jewel case version] new to Discogs
Hobbs Angel Of Death ‎– Hobbs’ Angel Of Death [2003 reissue]
Hobbs Angel Of Death ‎– Hobbs’ Satan’s Crusade [2003 reissue or 2 EPs]
Kataklysm ‎– Shadows & Dust [US 2002]
Kataklysm ‎– The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate) [GER 2000]
King’s-Evil ‎– Deletion Of Humanoise [original JPN, ferocious catchy Japanese thrash]
Kreator ‎– Cause For Conflict [original Gun Records]
Kreator ‎– Endless Pain [1993 reissue!]
Lemming Project ‎– Hate And Despise [GER, original, ripping German thrash/death]
Macabre ‎– Dahmer [original but a different pressing to the other copy I have] new to Discogs
Mortuary Drape ‎– All The Witches Dance [original Unisound]
Nuclear Assault ‎– Handle With Care [original In-Effect]
Possessed ‎– Beyond The Gates [1999 reissue, I have the big digibook ‘gate’ version too with The Eyes Of Horror tacked on the end, I may trade]
Possessed ‎– Seven Churches [GER, 1998 reissue, finally I own this]
Ritual Carnage ‎– The Highest Law [original, really good Japanese thrash]
Rok ‎– Burning Metal
Sadistik Exekution ‎– The Magus [2001 reissue, I have an original too]
Sadistik Exekution ‎– We Are Death Fukk You [original]
Sarcófago ‎– I.N.R.I. [reissue] new to Discogs
Sodom ‎– Code Red [ltd ed 2 disc version with a disc full of Sodom covers]
Sodom ‎– In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty [both albums on 1 CD]
Sodom ‎– ‘Til Death Do Us Unite [2006 remastered edition]
Various ‎– Grind Core’s Death Row [I’ve wanted this for 21 years ha ha seriously]
Vio-Lence ‎– Oppressing The Masses [EUR, original, pity some egg stamped their address in the booklet]
Voïvod‎ – Angel Rat [US, original Mechanic Records, I find The ‘Vod a bit hit n miss]
Yattering ‎– Genocide [with MIM sticker for AUS]

78 cds




Today’s scores

8 Jul

Cianide ‎– The Dying Truth [original version, wicked!]

Memento – DVD


Some new stuff

8 Mar

These arrived with the Bestial Warlust

Cianide – Gods Of Death
Deathhammer – Onward To The Pits
Destruktor – Nailed
Havohej – Dethrone The Son Of God
Inquisition – Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult

gods of death

onward to the pits


Dethrone The Son Of God

Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult

Today’s scores

2 Feb

Various – Rock Hard Presents Monsters Of Death [mean compilation, I had this years ago, it has THE coolest Pungent Stench track on it]

Benediction ‎- Transcend The Rubicon [original German version!]
Disastrous Murmur ‎- Folter [original uncensored Austrian version]
Impiety ‎- Asateerul Awaleen [original Shivadarshana no barcode, Digipak, am I hearing mastering errors?]
Cianide – The Dying Truth [ORIGINAL!!!!]

Vader – Reign Forever World [T-shirt]




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