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A few new things

17 Apr

Heresiarch ‎– Wælwulf [GER, 7″ EP] this sounds super heavy on vinyl
Heresiarch ‎– Wælwulf [Gildan, t-shirt, size M] took this for a cruise through my neighbourhood already, it’s a bit thin but a cool print

Angelcorpse ‎– Hammer Of Gods [FRA, 1999 reissue remastered with 2 bonus songs]
Antediluvian ‎– Through The Cervix Of Hawaah [IRE, Invictus, messy artwork and weird music, I like it!]
Archgoat ‎– Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites) [original black/red disc version, nasty stuff] new to Discogs
Deranged ‎– Cut Carve Rip Serve [US, not bad, they have better albums than this but it’s still heavy as, I really like their overall sound it reminds me of Malignancy]
Headhunter D.C. ‎– …And The Sky Turns To Black… (The Dark Age Has Come) [Dying Music remastered reissue in a slipcase with some cover songs, not really my cup of tea, it’s ok] new to Discogs
Magnum Itiner Interius ‎– Departure At The Betrayal Of Life [oh wow, what’s this gem I tripped over by accident? reminds me of an excellent Volkmar album called Blessed Sins and bits and pieces of Disembowelment and Morgion]
Mandatory ‎– Adrift Beyond [SPA, new old school style DM, for fans of Asphyx and Entombed, if I’d heard this 20 years ago I would have liked it but it’s boring now]
Manticore ‎– Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated [whoah this is truly awesome! but it sounds like it was recorded in a toilet, really rough but it suits it]
Misery ‎– Curses [AUS, not sure why I got this, now I have 2…]
Mortician ‎– House By The Cemetery / Mortal Massacre [both EPs reissued together on 1 disc, mean as]
Nocturnal ‎– Thrash With The Devil [The German band, reissue of 2 EPs, fairly savage thrash/black metal] new to Discogs
Prong ‎– Carved Into Stone [GER, wicked album but it has possibly the lowest quality Digipak packaging I’ve ever seen]
Ulcerate ‎– The Coming Of Genocide [ITA, compilation of wicked old stuff]
Vomitor ‎– The Escalation [US, HHR red cover, man this SLAYS! the last album of theirs I got Devils Poison slayed too]



Xmas period 2013

28 Dec

I’ve not had much time to update this but here is some stuff I got recently

Abyssic Hate ‎– Suicidal Emotions [Digipak, GER, not bad but I have A Decade Of Hate which is all the Abyssic Hate I really need]
Beastwars ‎– Blood Becomes Fire [NZ, their second album]
Celtic Frost ‎– To Mega Therion [an old repress, the seller on Discogs wasn’t accurate in their description, I now have 2 copies dammit] new to Discogs
Hypocrisy ‎– Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken [killer old live Hypocrisy]
Hypocrisy ‎– Into The Abyss [Promo in cardboard sleeve]
Luciferion ‎– Demonication (The Manifest) [promo, in cardboard sleeve, wicked album! quite excited to have this] new to Discogs


Discogs’ 80 character feedback reply limit needs increasing to 250

6 Apr

Anonymous poll

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13 Mar

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