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Weekend acquisitions

18 Apr

Order From Chaos ‎– An Ending In Fire [killer! I actually saw a dude in the shop with an Order From Chaos t-shirt on too, what are the chances of that, we had a bit of a yak too]
Grenade ‎– The Howling Damned [apparently the first pressing of this has an incorrect track listing… trying to figure out which one I have, I think mine’s the misprint, this is pretty good stuff too]
Stabbing Westward ‎– Wither Blister Burn & Peel [original US version, I skipped these guys years ago and have pretty much just discovered them now, I have their first album Ungod too]
Machine Head ‎– The More Things Change… [European version, pretty good second album]
Frodus ‎– Conglomerate International [not bad possibly Christian? hardcore/alternative metal stuff]
Frodus ‎– 22-D10 [half studio/half live]

Paradigm – Process [NZ d’n’b, I already have one, for sale]

DVD By Sexy – The Eagles Of Death Metal [god awful garbage that I only got because it was cheap, very much for sale]



Shelves, drawers and speakers

10 Apr

I got some shelving, drawers and speakers this week.
It’s been a long time coming [just over 4 months!]
The speakers I got on a whim, they were a good price so I snagged them while they were there [Tannoy 632] they are murderously loud even before I bi-wire them :o
All the shelving and drawers are from a retail music shop that closed down…

All 6 drawers are on double extension heavy duty runners and are full of thrash, death, black, grindcore, doom and some other bits and pieces.
Everything else is on the shelves, including the box sets, DVDs and singles/promos.
Records [metal and drum n bass] are on the left in the ancient looking cupboard thing and the pine boxen
The other set of Keter drawers to the right are not music related and I resent them for it :p






Weekend Acquisitions

8 Apr

Behemoth ‎– Satanica [Digipak with a heap of hidden songs on the end…]
Nailgunner ‎– Apocalypse. Now Or Never [decent Finnish thrash, weird Chinese label?!]
Pearl Jam ‎– Vitalogy [Book version, some cool songs on this one]
Tormented ‎– Rotten Death [2011 reissue, Digipak, awesome!]
Unida/Dozer ‎– The Best Of Wayne-Gro/Coming Down The Mountain [double EP, reissue, Unida are playing here soon]
Voïvod ‎– Infini [Relapse Digipak, they have better, even the artwork is pretty blah for them]

I’ve been a bit busy with stuff but I got some wicked shelves and some huge CD drawers and a pair of speakers too, photos will be taken soon

And a pile of Drum n Bass and some other stuff like Spearhead [not my cup of tea], Bad Astronaut [rubbish], Qemists [not bad, a bit like Pendulum I suppose, Mike Patton makes an appearance too] etc
But most of it is proper Drum n Bass


Today’s scores

3 Apr

Dark Angel – Leave scars [original UK version, finally I have this on CD!]
Darkness Over Depths II – The Dream [Gatefold]

Concord Dawn – Uprising [NZ drum n bass]
Concord Dawn – The Enemy Within [NZ drum n bass]
Both scratched almost beyond repair and cases/spindles smashed to pieces, nice.


This week’s scores

1 Apr

This is what I got this week:

Akimbo ‎– Forging Steel And Laying Stone [Gamble disc, pretty wicked Unsane-like hardcore sludge metal]
Anno Domini Mortus – Anno Domini Mortus [Rough NZ black metal]
Brant Bjork ‎– Punk Rock Guilt [It’s ok… OZ version, for sale]
Kreator ‎– Extreme Aggression [1993 version with spelling mistakes everywhere]
Nachtmystium ‎– Addicts – Black Meddle Pt. II [Blerk, I can’t stand this, for sale]
Pig Destroyer ‎– 38 Counts Of Battery [Yes! man this is killer, Carcass and Melvins covers?!]
Rotten Sound ‎– Still Psycho [Great stuff, comes with a few video clips somewhere on the disc]
Sanguinary Misanthropia ‎– Diabolic Gnosis [OZ black metal, Digipak]
Slayer ‎– Divine Intervention [A really old European version]
Vomitory ‎– Blood Rapture [Wrong disc in the case, grr]

Concord Dawn – Self Titled [NZ Drum n Bass, for sale]


Today’s scores

25 Mar

God Dethroned ‎– The Toxic Touch [standard US version]
Handsome ‎– Handsome [OZ version, not bad, sounds a bit like Candlebox in places or maybe I Mother Earth]
Overkill ‎– The Electric Age [standard US version]
Pig Destroyer ‎– Prowler In The Yard [standard US version]

And a pile of Drum n Bass/Jungle/Electronic stuff…


Today’s scores

12 Feb

Blasphemy ‎– Total Blasphemic Rituals [CDr, Bootleg, shhh I know]
Sorrow ‎– Hatred And Disgust [wicked, I’ve wanted this for a while, original US version]
Promise Of Bloodshed ‎– Hatred Inherit [NZ death/thrash/hardcore metal, I have 2 copies of this one now]
Queensrÿche ‎– The Warning [original US, not really my cup of tea… although it is quite good I suppose]
Holocaustia ‎– The Sacrament Seed [some nice stripped down black metal here]
Tulus ‎– Cold Core Collection [double CD with demos and cover songs, super catchy black metal]
Monster Magnet ‎– Powertrip [Limited Tour Edition 2CD, cool but Dave gets a bit full of himself on the live disc, maybe he was wasted]

Avotor ‎– Looming [freaky NZ electronic dark-fi stuff, I’ve wanted this for years]
Avotor ‎– Illooming [remixes of a few songs from Looming]
Mars Needs… Total Science [disappointing album from these guys]
The Vitamin String Quartet ‎– Performs AC/DC [ha ha ha, not bad]
Summum Bonum ‎– David Donson [not really metal but they have some wicked crunchy guitars and some pretty loose stuff, screaming etc a bit like Sonic Youth]

Georges Bizet – Symphony in C / Camille Saint-Saens – Symphony No 3 [well this is just excellent, I’ve wanted some Bizet for a while, the CD is from 1993]


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