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new stuff

24 Oct

part three: from Discogs, love that place!

Carcass – Live At St. George’s Hall, Bradford, UK November 15, 1989 [MEX, naughty bootleg, not for me but it’s pretty good]
Denouncement Pyre – Almighty Arcanum [US, not bad, needs another listen, didn’t really jump out at me]
Machetazo – Carne De Cementerio [US, ultra heavy Spanish death grind blast noise, I have all their albums [available on CD] now apart from The Maggot Sessions]
Sodom – Marooned Live [GER, really good old live album from 1994]
Troll – Universal [NOR, wicked! my kind of industrial black metal horror show, I have The Last Predators too which is really good too, an accidental discovery even]
Unleashed – Victory [US, original, wicked stuff]
Vociferian – Glorificia Bestials [BEL? pretty good, I have Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum too]

Pick of the litter: Troll, it’s new and exciting, it would be Machetazo but I’ve heard that before but this troll is really good



new stuff

16 Oct

Got these from a Discogs seller in Germany, I paid a little more than I should have but who cares, it’s only money
I have so many parcels on the way to me, I should probably hold off till after xmas… or at least the end of October

Machetazo – Sinfonías Del Terror Ciego [US, whoah! this rules, good artwork too, I have almost every album on CD now]
Marduk – Nightwing [FRA, original, needs another listen]
Mortification – Scrolls Of The Megilloth [GER, original! has the Nuclear disc logo, I’ve wanted this for many years indeed]

Pick of the litter: Machetazo


New stuff

8 Oct

From Deathgasm

Barbatos – Live At Factory [US, awful stuff]
Cianide – The Dying Truth [US, reissue with different track order and 2 bonus EPs, killer!]
Coffin Texts – Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife [COL, some strange Columbian reissue? wicked album though]
Desecration – Process Of Decay [US, reissue, brutal stuff, I have a few of their albums now]
Disciples Of Mockery – Prelude To Apocalypse [US, reissue with different artwork and the DOM promo, I have the original too]
Godüs – Hell Fuck Demon Sound [SPA, pretty cool Spanish black metal, their second album I like a lot]
Machetazo – Live At CBGB – New York City [POL, includes 2 covers, one of my favourite DM bands, great stuff]
Malevolent Creation – Retrospective [US, comp, original on Crash]
Morbid Goat Fornicator – Nuclear Vaticano [US, that name! ha ha ha generic black death, it’s ok]
Negativa – Negativa [CAN, PRC reissue, I have an original too]
Yskelgroth – Unholy Primitive Nihilism [US, Spanish black death with the guy from Avulsed, not bad, cool artwork too]



14 Aug

Got these from a seller in Spain today

Machetazo – Mundo Cripta [SPA, Throne Records ltd ed, killer! I got 2 copies so if anyone wants one…]


part 3 of 3 from the shop

28 Nov

part 3 of 3, from the shop, *some of which go directly to my for sale/swap/trade thread

Abyssic Hate ‎– A Decade Of Hate [primitive BM from AUS, quite rare too evidently]
*Apostasy ‎– Cell 666
Bloodsport ‎– Blackest Darkness [AUS hardcore][new to Discogs]
Brighter Death Now ‎– Innerwar [horrifying industrial noise metal, Cold Meat Industry style, really nasty artwork too but awesome music]
Cathedral ‎– Supernatural Birth Machine [US version with the band photo on the cover, every version has a different cover it seems…]
Cephalic Carnage ‎– Lucid Interval [US original, sold one version and bought another, not sure why]
Conqueror ‎– War Cult Supremacy [2002 FMP version]
*Corpus Christii ‎– Rising
Darkthrone ‎– Total Death [original Moonfog]
*Divine Empire ‎– Doomed To Inherit
Eskhaton ‎– Nihilgoety [hellish AUS black death like Dead Congregation, Portal, Ignivomous etc]
Exit-13 ‎– Ethos Musick [score! still has the sticker on the font of the case too]
General Surgery ‎– A Collection Of Depravation [30 tracks of death grind including some covers]
Immortal ‎– Battles In The North [original 1995 Digipak]
Impiety – Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command) [jewel case] new to Discogs
Kreator ‎– Phantom Antichrist [US, not bad, needs more listens, cool artwork]
Lair Of The Minotaur ‎– Cannibal Massacre [cool little mini-cd]
Lair Of The Minotaur ‎– Carnage [more wicked tunes from LOTM]
Machetazo ‎– Trono De Huesos [Spanish death metal, original Razorback]
*Mythological Cold Towers ‎– Immemorial
Nasum ‎– Human 2.0 [killer stuff, their gig here recently was wicked too]
Nebula ‎– Let It Burn [1998 relapse reissue with 2 bonus songs]
*Neurosis ‎– A Sun That Never Sets
Pantera ‎– Vulgar Display Of Power [AUS 20th anniversary edition finally!] new to Discogs
Paradise Lost ‎– Lost Paradise [US, original]
Pig Destroyer / Gnob ‎– Pig Destroyer / Gnob [quite listenable stuff, inc a cover song too]
Rawhead Rexx ‎– Rawhead Rexx [excellent speed power metal from Switzerland, reminded me of painkiller, I have 2 albums now]
Testament ‎– Demonic [UK version, anther one for the ever-growing pile of Testament CDs]
Tyrants Blood ‎– Tyrants Blood [this album rips it, really good stuff, catchy as too]
Vassafor ‎– Vassafor [wicked NZ black death, love the logo too]
Zoroaster ‎– Dog Magic [decent stoner metal, cool band photo too, reminded me of Cuda – Hellfire]



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