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big score

20 Dec

From Real Groovy, haven’t been to this shop for months since I do night shift and it’s a mission to get there
met a long-time internet mate there for the first time too \m/,

Aura Noir – The Merciless [UK, original misspress Digipak with the CD tray in the centre panel, killer album!]
Bathory – Blood Fire Death [CAN, Kraze repress] new to Discogs
Bathory – The Return…… [RUS, Irond 2002, I should have checked =( cool album anyway]
Burial Hordes – Devotion To Unholy Creed [SIN, Digipak, ripping black death]
Celtic Frost – Monotheist [US, Century Media, yes finally]
Dark Angel – Darkness Descends [GER, 1998 remastered reissue with 3 bonus songs]
Demilich – Nespithe [SPA, 2009 reissue, I never used to like this one because of the vocals but I do now]
Destruktor – Nuclear Storm [US, awesome but I already have one]
Deteriorot – In Ancient Beliefs [US, original WWIII]
Disinter – Welcome To Oblivion [FRA, Deadsun Records + bonus song, other versions don’t have this, solid DM]
Disjecta Membrae – Taedium Vitae [SPA, careless listening is to be avoided – indeed]
Dozer – In The Tail Of A Comet [US, black/white disc version not blue/white, solid stoner] new to Discogs
Exhumation – Seas Of Eternal Silence [DEN, I like the artwork…]
Fleshgrind – Destined For Defilement [US, 1999 reissue, not sure why I got this]
Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage [AUS, pretty cool, not as good as other albums of theirs]
Iron Maiden – Best Of The Beast [UK, 1996 compilation]
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden [UK, 1987 repress]
Lair Of The Minotaur – War Metal Battle Master [US, wicked album, spare copy]
Martire – Martire [US, killer stuff, spare copy]
Morningstar – Finnish Metal [FIN, bandannas and bullet belts, uh huh…]
Nazxul – Iconoclast [GER, original on Eisenwald Tonschmiede, I almost like this enough to ignore the synths, almost]
Neurosis – Sovereign [US, original 2000 Digipak, some Neurosis I can’t handle but this is really good]
Old Man Gloom – No [US, gatefold cardboard packaging, I already have a copy of this]
Sepsism – Purulent Decomposition [SPA, original Repulse, this album slays, I have the promo too]
Sons Of Otis – Temple Ball [US, original Man’s Ruin, score!] new to Discogs
Swans – Children Of God / World Of Skin [US, 2xCD reissue of both albums, kind of hard to find this stuff]
Usurper – Threshold Of The Usurper / Skeletal Season [UK, 2 EPs released together? totally wicked and I’m glad I took a punt on it]

Private purchase from Shawn – Witchrist
Mitochondrion / Gyibaaw – Rituals Of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt [US, quite weird but it’s ok]

Pick of the litter: Usurper, I’ve played this probably 5 times since I got it, catchy and memorable DM, recommended stuff

NB: a few of these go immediately to the trade list




new stuff

14 Nov

From a Discogs seller in Belgium

Hecate Enthroned – Dark Requiems…And Unsilent Massacre [UK, Blackened records] not for me
Hecate Enthroned – Kings Of Chaos [UK, Blackened records] not for me
Hecate Enthroned – The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty [UK, Blackened records, oops accidental purchase]
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick [UK/EUR, finally an original after wading through a sea of represses and remastered reissues I have one!]

MA swap deal from Trinidad and Tobago [sent to Croatia]

Marduk – Glorification [FRA, not copy protected, cover songs? it’s ok] new to Discogs
Marduk – Plague Angel [SWE, original, this is wicked, really harsh and violent]
Slayer – Show No Mercy [US, 1987 reissue! ripping thrash metal from the masters, man this is old]
Spinal Tap – Break Like The Wind [US, MCA version, cool!]

MA purchase from Australia

Alchemist – Jar Of Kingdom [AUS, original Lethal Records, quite the score, Lunasphere it is not however]
Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life [US, original Metal Blade/Death Records, Disctronics USA matrix] not for me, new to Discogs
Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding [US, original uncensored Disctronics matrix]
Martire / Throneum – United In Hell [AUS, split of insane black death] not for me
Misery – A Necessary Evil [AUS, original Velvet Urge Records! I now have all their albums, not the EPs yet though]
Troll – Neo-Satanic Supremacy [AUS, original Napalm records, cool industrial black metal]
Very, Very, Dead & Gory – A Veritable Paragon Of Wholesome Family Entertainment [AUS/OZ, finally I have this again, muddy bass sounds like it was recorded in a toilet, excellent stuff]

Pick of the litter has to be Misery!


violent vinyl

12 Sep

Some vinyl from Headless Horseman in Wellington, there is some more on the way from him too

Paradise Lost – Frozen Illusion [GER, 7″, 2009 reissue]

Antediluvian – λόγος/Logos [US, black LP with huge poster of ‘art’ and a booklet with more ‘art’, fortunately this is a VERY good album and I don’t have to hear the ‘art’ :p ]
Diocletian – Doom Cult [GER, Iron Bonehead ltd ed reissue picture disc, I now have every version of this]
Heresiarch – Hammer Of Intransigence [GER, Iron Bonehead ltd ed reissue with a poster of that killer artwork]
Martire – Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse [US, black LP, glossy cover and poster, man this is going to sound wicked on vinyl]
Morbosidad – Muerte De Cristo En Golgota [US, black LP, glossy cover and photo quality pictures on the back too]
Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis [US, HHR, ltd ed brown with a huge booklet, awful vinyl colour ha ha]


MA swap and DDR purchase

28 Oct

Got this lot over the past week, the two promos by way of a swap [the other half of the swap is en route] the other CDs came from Dark Descent Records

Aurora Borealis ‎– Time, Unveiled [promo]
Pig Destroyer ‎– Phantom Limb [promo]

Corpse Molestation ‎– Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse [compilation of all their stuff on 1 CD]
Diocletian // Weregoat ‎– Disciples Of War [split EP, pretty cool I think I recognise the Diocletian tracks]
Incantation ‎– Vanquish In Vengeance [FRA, whoah, this album RULES! I’ve been wanting it for a while too]
Martire ‎– Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse [this is some violent noise indeed]
Ulcerate ‎– Of Fracture And Failure [NL, slipcase]
Weregoat ‎– Unholy Exaltation Of Fullmoon Perversity [this is a mini album? good stuff, needs a few more listens]


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