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Weekend acquisitions

18 Apr

Order From Chaos ‎– An Ending In Fire [killer! I actually saw a dude in the shop with an Order From Chaos t-shirt on too, what are the chances of that, we had a bit of a yak too]
Grenade ‎– The Howling Damned [apparently the first pressing of this has an incorrect track listing… trying to figure out which one I have, I think mine’s the misprint, this is pretty good stuff too]
Stabbing Westward ‎– Wither Blister Burn & Peel [original US version, I skipped these guys years ago and have pretty much just discovered them now, I have their first album Ungod too]
Machine Head ‎– The More Things Change… [European version, pretty good second album]
Frodus ‎– Conglomerate International [not bad possibly Christian? hardcore/alternative metal stuff]
Frodus ‎– 22-D10 [half studio/half live]

Paradigm – Process [NZ d’n’b, I already have one, for sale]

DVD By Sexy – The Eagles Of Death Metal [god awful garbage that I only got because it was cheap, very much for sale]



Rotten Sound / Ulcerate gig

12 Apr

I arrived at The Winchester in Newton, Auckland at about 10pm, just in time to catch Ulcerate play their last 4 or so songs.
I’ve wanted to see these guys for ages, I found it a bit difficult to get into but the fast bits were wicked, and those drums!
After the set I shook the vocalist/bassists hand and had a brief yak, I can see why they are so popular: Gorguts worship, part of the conversation was about it being the first time either of us had been to The Winchester ha ha I quite liked the venue, it was just a big cube with a few tables dotted here and there, the sound desk was bang in the middle way at the back and the bar was off to the side [which I don’t ever bother with] the stage was in the corner and quite low, Keijo got into the crowd at one point for some 1:1 face to face barking, fffriggin’ awesome!

Man I had to walk all the way there so when I got into the place I just turned to sweat, grim!
And I realised I spent about 20 minutes standing right next to most of Rotten Sound ha ha

Rotten sound hit the stage just after 11pm and they hit it hard, super heavy hell speed Grindcore is excellent live!
I think about 1 or 2 songs into their set the power for the guitar or bass shat itself so we had to put up with some fairly hilarious banter in the interim, actually the whole set was peppered with comedy [How many Finnish Grindcore bands does it take to change a light bulb?] Rotten Sound are the funnest band I’ve seen live so far, all smiling and looked happy to be there 8D

I counted about 100 people there, not bad for a Thursday night
The whole gig was filmed too I think? I saw some camera set up near the stage and some bloke was fiddling with it, plus everyone had their ‘smartphones’ out filming etc [oh-puh-leese!] the guitarist had a decent camera too [the one with the Unsane t-shirt]

It was all over by midnight, we had a 1 or 2 [?] song encore

$40 door sale tickets [$35 online early if you didn’t muck about, oops]
$5 for a sew on patch
No Rotten Sound CDs [left?!] on the merch table but Ulcerate [and I think Graves, one of the support bands, the other support band were Carnal] had some CDs and vinyl, $20 for a CD though ouch.

I highly recommend seeing these guys live, pummelled by Grindcore, what a way to go.
Wellington, you’re in for a treat and be fully prepared to ‘participate’ too ha ha ha \m/

rotten sound patch

“Grindcore is fast enough” –Me

Shelves, drawers and speakers

10 Apr

I got some shelving, drawers and speakers this week.
It’s been a long time coming [just over 4 months!]
The speakers I got on a whim, they were a good price so I snagged them while they were there [Tannoy 632] they are murderously loud even before I bi-wire them :o
All the shelving and drawers are from a retail music shop that closed down…

All 6 drawers are on double extension heavy duty runners and are full of thrash, death, black, grindcore, doom and some other bits and pieces.
Everything else is on the shelves, including the box sets, DVDs and singles/promos.
Records [metal and drum n bass] are on the left in the ancient looking cupboard thing and the pine boxen
The other set of Keter drawers to the right are not music related and I resent them for it :p






Today’s scores

3 Apr

Dark Angel – Leave scars [original UK version, finally I have this on CD!]
Darkness Over Depths II – The Dream [Gatefold]

Concord Dawn – Uprising [NZ drum n bass]
Concord Dawn – The Enemy Within [NZ drum n bass]
Both scratched almost beyond repair and cases/spindles smashed to pieces, nice.


This week’s scores

1 Apr

This is what I got this week:

Akimbo ‎– Forging Steel And Laying Stone [Gamble disc, pretty wicked Unsane-like hardcore sludge metal]
Anno Domini Mortus – Anno Domini Mortus [Rough NZ black metal]
Brant Bjork ‎– Punk Rock Guilt [It’s ok… OZ version, for sale]
Kreator ‎– Extreme Aggression [1993 version with spelling mistakes everywhere]
Nachtmystium ‎– Addicts – Black Meddle Pt. II [Blerk, I can’t stand this, for sale]
Pig Destroyer ‎– 38 Counts Of Battery [Yes! man this is killer, Carcass and Melvins covers?!]
Rotten Sound ‎– Still Psycho [Great stuff, comes with a few video clips somewhere on the disc]
Sanguinary Misanthropia ‎– Diabolic Gnosis [OZ black metal, Digipak]
Slayer ‎– Divine Intervention [A really old European version]
Vomitory ‎– Blood Rapture [Wrong disc in the case, grr]

Concord Dawn – Self Titled [NZ Drum n Bass, for sale]


Today’s scores

22 Mar

Got these two today

Diocletian ‎– Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes [wicked Kiwi black/death]
Mortification ‎– Break The Curse 1990 [original Nuclear Blast version!]


Today’s scores

20 Mar

Lair Of The Minotaur ‎– Evil Power [man this is awesome! I’ve never heard of them before and took a gamble]
Nuclear Blast – Various ‎– Blasting Your Ears! Vol. 2 [3 good songs the rest is annoying deathcore etc]
Nullifier ‎– Silent Destruction [solid Kiwi death metal]
Primus ‎– Frizzle Fry [finally I have an original copy]
Sarcófago ‎– I.N.R.I. [filthy bootleg! quite a well done one too so watch out]
Spaceboy ‎– Searching The Stone Library For The Green Page Of Illusion [whoah! this is everything I hoped it would be, wicked stoner doom, I’ve picked it up and put it down a few times and never actually played it, very good stuff]

Colonel Claypool’s Bucket Of Bernie Brains ‎– The Big Eyeball In The Sky [another Les project]
Karl Sanders ‎– Saurian Exorcisms [hmm this sounds like all the bits of a Nile album that are between all the metal bits ha ha]
Ozzy Osbourne ‎– Live At Budokan [OZ/NZ version, if I hear another Zakk Wylde guitar squeal I’ll scream, this is an ok album but those guitar squeals annoy me, I didn’t realise who the other performers were till I looked in the booklet/rear cover photos either]

Drum ‘n Bass/Electronic
Alex Reece ‎– So Far [not bad, not as hard or dark as I usually like but has some familiar tunes on it]
Buckfunk 3000 ‎– First Class Ticket To Telos [fun electronic stuff]
Dillinja ‎– Cybotron [killer first album, I saw him live here a while ago]
DJ Krush ‎– Stepping Stones The Self-Remixed Best [2 CDs the 1st sucks it’s full of MC’s, the 2nd is ok but a bit too slow, not hard enough]
Drumsound And Simon “Bassline” Smith ‎– Nature Of The Beast [this is more like it!]
Ed Rush And Optical ‎– Wormhole [this is essential dnb, double album too]
Function Compilation – Mixed By Total Science ‎– Jah Sessions [glad I snagged this one, it has some gems that I’ve wanted for ages on it]
Omni Trio ‎– Skeleton Keys [not bad]
Panacea ‎– Underground Superstardom [excellent German dnb/dark brutal stuff, not as hard as his older stuff though, more ‘normal’ sounding dnb]
Paradigm ‎– Process [very good Kiwi dnb/electronica, I’ve wanted this for years]
Roni Size / Reprazent ‎– New Forms [what can I say, it’s Roni Size]
The Chemical Brothers ‎– Come With Us [way better than I was expecting, this is a promo in a cardboard sleeve]
The Prodigy – Music For The Jilted Generation [sounds like Prodigy…]

And this rubbish, accidental purchases, they were in the wrong section and are both dubstep which I do not like at all
Optimus Gryme – Annihilation Of The Ego
Peverelist – Jarvik Mindstate


Today’s scores

12 Mar

Cryptic Slaughter ‎– Money Talks [reissued, remastered, live songs etc I also have Convicted, sounds a bit like Cerebral Fix]
Damaged ‎– Purified In Pain [finally!!! I love this album, Terrorizer cover, odd guitar wizard stuff, Kevin Sharp, what’s not to like]
Faith No More – Introduce Yourself [OZ original one but in the wrong case…]
Just One Fix ‎– Blood Horizon [excellent Kiwi thrash/death metal, selling accidental double up]
Stabbing Westward ‎– Ungod [US original, not bad, can’t say I paid much attention to them when this came out]
The Fucking Wrath ‎– Season Of Evil [I had no idea how wicked these guys were! cool artwork too, can anyone confirm the catalogue number/matrix for this one for me?]
Various ‎– Spectrum Fest: Micro-Brewed Musical Artistry [Relapse Oktober Fest 1996 sampler]

un metal
Salmonella Dub ‎– Heal Me [Ltd Ed 2 disc version, has one of those cool half clear discs]
Sonic Youth ‎– The Eternal [OZ/NZ version, for sale]


Some new stuff

8 Mar

These arrived with the Bestial Warlust

Cianide – Gods Of Death
Deathhammer – Onward To The Pits
Destruktor – Nailed
Havohej – Dethrone The Son Of God
Inquisition – Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult

gods of death

onward to the pits


Dethrone The Son Of God

Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult

Today’s scores

5 Mar

Got these today

Black Witchery ‎– Upheaval Of Satanic Might [Red Stream]
Desultory ‎– Swallow The Snake [US]
Testament ‎– Souls Of Black [Megaforce/Atlantic]


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