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A few tapes and 2 CDs

3 Sep

Got a few tapes recently, and 2 CDs from the same seller

Anthrax – Persistence Of Time [AUS, original, I now have all 3 formats of this – LP, CD and tape]
Anthrax – Sound Of White Noise [AUS, original, this album is excellent] new to Discogs
Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales / Emperor’s Return [Noise USA, 1994, this is excellent but my tape player sucks]
Exodus – Pleasures Of The Flesh [UK, original, I now have all 3 formats of this – LP, CD and tape]
Fear Factory – Soul Of A New Machine [AUS original]
Ministry – ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ / Psalm 69 [AUS, original and it even has the sticker on the front, I lost my copy 15 years ago when I left it in someone’s car, at least it was a Holden…]
Mortal Sin – Face Of Despair [AUS, original] new to Discogs
Mortal Sin – Mayhemic Destruction [AUS, original, killer album cover] new to Discogs
Push Push – A Trillion Shades Of Happy [NZ, legendary Kiwi band] new to Discogs
R.D.P/Ratos De Porão – Anarkophobia [EUR, original, something a little different] new to Discogs
Sacred Reich – Independent [AUS/NZ, original]
Testament – Return To The Apocalyptic City [AUS, original, I had this on tape in third form!] new to Discogs

Bathory – Blood Fire Death [GER, old repress, around 1993]
Suffocation – Effigy Of The Forgotten [GER, original] new to Discogs



part 3 of 3 from the shop

28 Nov

part 3 of 3, from the shop, *some of which go directly to my for sale/swap/trade thread

Abyssic Hate ‎– A Decade Of Hate [primitive BM from AUS, quite rare too evidently]
*Apostasy ‎– Cell 666
Bloodsport ‎– Blackest Darkness [AUS hardcore][new to Discogs]
Brighter Death Now ‎– Innerwar [horrifying industrial noise metal, Cold Meat Industry style, really nasty artwork too but awesome music]
Cathedral ‎– Supernatural Birth Machine [US version with the band photo on the cover, every version has a different cover it seems…]
Cephalic Carnage ‎– Lucid Interval [US original, sold one version and bought another, not sure why]
Conqueror ‎– War Cult Supremacy [2002 FMP version]
*Corpus Christii ‎– Rising
Darkthrone ‎– Total Death [original Moonfog]
*Divine Empire ‎– Doomed To Inherit
Eskhaton ‎– Nihilgoety [hellish AUS black death like Dead Congregation, Portal, Ignivomous etc]
Exit-13 ‎– Ethos Musick [score! still has the sticker on the font of the case too]
General Surgery ‎– A Collection Of Depravation [30 tracks of death grind including some covers]
Immortal ‎– Battles In The North [original 1995 Digipak]
Impiety – Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command) [jewel case] new to Discogs
Kreator ‎– Phantom Antichrist [US, not bad, needs more listens, cool artwork]
Lair Of The Minotaur ‎– Cannibal Massacre [cool little mini-cd]
Lair Of The Minotaur ‎– Carnage [more wicked tunes from LOTM]
Machetazo ‎– Trono De Huesos [Spanish death metal, original Razorback]
*Mythological Cold Towers ‎– Immemorial
Nasum ‎– Human 2.0 [killer stuff, their gig here recently was wicked too]
Nebula ‎– Let It Burn [1998 relapse reissue with 2 bonus songs]
*Neurosis ‎– A Sun That Never Sets
Pantera ‎– Vulgar Display Of Power [AUS 20th anniversary edition finally!] new to Discogs
Paradise Lost ‎– Lost Paradise [US, original]
Pig Destroyer / Gnob ‎– Pig Destroyer / Gnob [quite listenable stuff, inc a cover song too]
Rawhead Rexx ‎– Rawhead Rexx [excellent speed power metal from Switzerland, reminded me of painkiller, I have 2 albums now]
Testament ‎– Demonic [UK version, anther one for the ever-growing pile of Testament CDs]
Tyrants Blood ‎– Tyrants Blood [this album rips it, really good stuff, catchy as too]
Vassafor ‎– Vassafor [wicked NZ black death, love the logo too]
Zoroaster ‎– Dog Magic [decent stoner metal, cool band photo too, reminded me of Cuda – Hellfire]



Latest additions, purchases, swaps

2 Oct

Got this great big pile of awesome over the past couple of weeks, it’s taken this long to add/update and post them ha ha :p
Some bought from the shop, some swapped, some bought privately
Some of these are for sale/swap immediately so check my trade thread to snag any you want

Abominator – Nuctemeron Descent [new to Discogs]
Agathodaimon – Higher Art Of Rebellion
Aura Noir – The Merciless
Bestial Mockery – Evoke The Desecrator
Bewitched – Encyclopedia Of Evil
Borknagar – The Olden Domain [new to Discogs]
Carpathian Forest – Skjend Hans Lik [new to Discogs]
Cryptic Wintermoon – Of Shadows… And The Dark Things You Fear
Dissection – Live Legacy
Nattefrost – Blood & Vomit [new to Discogs]
Occult – Of Flesh And Blood
Rotting Christ – A Dead Poem
Sacramentum – The Coming Of Chaos
Sadistik Exekution – Fukk II
Sinister – Afterburner
Sinister – Savage And Grace

[Metal CDs]
Arch Enemy – Doomsday Machine [not sure why I got this]
Black Sabbath – The Ozzy Osbourne Years [AUS/NZ, 3 CDs in a slipcase but mine is missing the, and Rat Salad!]
Black Witchery / Conqueror – Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance [not entirely sure which version I have…] [new to Discogs]
Cathedral – Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) [UK, ep]
Crowbar – Equilibrium [US, killer dream weaver cover too ha ha]
Cyness – Our Funeral Oration For The Human Race [GER, grindcore]
Damnation – Reborn… [some dudes from Azarath play in this band, killer]
Disavowed – Perceptive Deception [US/UK version] [new to Discogs]
Exordium Mors – Serva Ad Mors [NZ, ep/demo CD, ltd ed] [new to Discogs]
Fleshcrawl – Bloodred Massacre [GER]
Graymalkin – A Master’s Discipline [NZ, with members of Ulcerate, Dawn Of Azazel etc] [new to Discogs]
Human – Blood Bucket [NZ, has some live songs and videos too] [new to Discogs]
Hypocrisy – The Final Chapter [US, some decent tunes on this one]
Insect Warfare – World Extermination [original US/GER version]
Isis – SGNL>05 [Digipak] [new to Discogs]
Marduk – Those Of The Unlight [original]
Ministry – ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ [EUR with sticker still on front cover]
Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity [UK original]
Mutilation – Conflict Inside [some decent polish death metal]
Napalm Death – Noise For Music’s Sake [UK, 2 CD compilation with cool ND family tree poster, has some alternate versions of songs]
Pain – You Only Live Twice [GER, ltd ed double Digipak]
Pain – You Only Live Twice [GER, standard jewel case]
Pantera – Far Beyond Driven [AUS, drilled arse cover]
Pantera – Walk [EP, AUS, has some Japanese stuff on it too]
Portal – Vexovoid [FRA, Digipak, really cool stuff]
Rotten Sound – Under Pressure / Drain [2 CDs packaged together, Disc 1 is just one long track though]
Satyricon – Megiddo – Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age – [original Moonfog, cool cover of Orgasmatron]
Sepultura – Against [EUR]
Soilent Green – Pussysoul
Soundgarden – King Animal [NZ, finally got a jewel case version]
Testament – Dark Roots Of Earth [EUR, ltd ed Digipak with DVD, nice cover of Powerslave on there]
Yattering – Human’s Pain [reissue]

Body Count – Body Count [AUS, original] [new to Discogs]
Various – Scary Classics (12 Musical Tales Of Devils, Witches And Monsters) [spooky classical pieces with some really good artwork and track synopsis]

[drum n bass]
Shy FX & T Power – Set It Off [new to Discogs]
Cyantific – Hospital Mix.Six
Roni Size / Reprazent – In The Møde [new to Discogs]
Dieselboy – 97 Octane
The Prodigy – Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned [NZ] [new to Discogs]
Bulletproof – Dub Me Crazy [this guy used to do killer d’n’b but this just dubstep]
Shapeshifter – Live [d’n’b played live with actual instruments etc, pretty cool stuff]




Today’s scores

7 Mar

I got these on Sunday but it’s taken this long to add and update Discogs so yeah, here they are on Thursday ha ha ha :p

Blasphemy ‎– The Final Armageddon [no comment]
Celtic Frost ‎– Into The Pandemonium [1993 reissue]
Darkthrone ‎– Goatlord [1996 Digipak]
Disembodied ‎– Diablerie [pretty cool hardcore/grindcore stuff, this is a reissue with different artwork]
Dismember ‎– Massive Killing Capacity [GER 1995 original]
EyeHateGod ‎– Take As Needed For Pain [US jolly good stuff]
Heresiarch ‎– Hammer Of Intransigence [finally! this kills it]
King Missile ‎– Mystical Shit / Fluting On The Hump [hit and miss comedy rock/metal weird stuff]
Marduk ‎– Fuck Me Jesus [1999 reissue with bonus songs, Bathory cover and re-recorded stuff, Disctronics S matrix]
Metallica ‎– Beyond Magnetic [US EP]
Primus ‎– Tales From The Punchbowl [EUR enhanced, sweet!]
Salem ‎– Collective Demise [GER, these guys are from Israel?! not bad]
Sanguinary Misanthropia ‎– Loathe Over Will [OZ black metal, over 68 minutes long!]
Satyricon ‎– Dark Medieval Times [Nordisc As matrix]
Taetre ‎– Out Of Emotional Disorder [interesting stuff]
Testament ‎– The Ritual [repress, cool album cover]
Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant ‎– Sister Phantom Owl Fish [a bit different, pretty good too]
Troll ‎– The Last Predators [whoah awesome, this is wicked stuff]
Various ‎– Live Death – Recorded Live At The Milwaukeee Metalfest


Today’s scores

5 Mar

Got these today

Black Witchery ‎– Upheaval Of Satanic Might [Red Stream]
Desultory ‎– Swallow The Snake [US]
Testament ‎– Souls Of Black [Megaforce/Atlantic]


Today’s scores

15 Feb

Abscess ‎– Urine Junkies [apparently this is a compilation? I didn’t know that]
Testament ‎– The Gathering [EUR version]
Infernäl Mäjesty ‎– Unholier Than Thou [CAN version]


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