About Me

I’m 36 years old and mostly into Metal and Drum n Bass, I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
My username was inspired by Ray Keith‘s signature ‘Dread Bass’ sound, also I had dreadlocks in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I’m not a vegetarian…

Fun facts:

I am half Manx, my Mum’s side of the family are from the Isle Of Man I’ve been there twice, the second time I went to school there for 6 months at Ballakermeen High School.

I have dual citizenship: New Zealand / United Kingdom

My sister and I are the only Kiwis in the entire family [actually I just remembered she had a baby recently so that’s no longer true!] if I don’t have any kids the family name is gone forever.

Somehow I have befriended a large number of twins over the years.

I also know a lot of drummers, some of those are also twins.

Oh and I use Debian Linux, which is not Windows

Some of my profiles and accounts are below, hover over the image for brief descriptions or just click on them.

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